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Event Facilitator

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About Teamland

Teamland is a leader in the online team building industry and we are a 100% remote company. We offer a variety of team building activities for remote teams. The goal is to help make jobs awesome... everywhere!

Our Mission

  • We believe that workplaces are made up of kind, hardworking people that want to do their best work.
  • We believe that those individuals, as part of a team, can achieve extraordinary things together.
  • We believe that the work week is f***ing awesome!
  • We are on a mission to inspire teams to do their best work, together.

Our Events you'll be hosting/co-hosting are

  • typically 60-90 minutes
  • crafted to be wildly entertaining, with elements of intentional team building
  • delivered + designed by amazing creative facilitators
  • hosted in any weather.

Our On Site Facilitators

  • Vary from actors, comedians, writers, nerds, historians, teachers, trainers, etc
  • Are really great at event structures & scripts elements and making it their own
  • Are comfortable being in the spotlight and being the life of the party (while also make the focus the group, not themselves)
  • Can create authentic interactions between group members.
  • Can think on their feet and make decisions that are for the best of their individual event in the moment.
  • Can give extremely clear instructions and information for game set-up.

Job Requirements

  • Must be extremely reliable AKA: looking for those with attendance gold stars
  • Personable communication in English. Note: Authentic > professional language.
  • Must be able to move from one location to another at a reasonable walking pace.
  • Must have access to reliable internet with a phone that can stream video calls.
  • Must have flexible and generally open availability Monday-Friday 2pm-9pm ET

Hours and Pay Rates

  • 100 per hour for Lead Host event facilitation
  • 50 per hour for co-hosting
  • 15 per hour for training, and admin support.
  • Individual shifts vary from 60 min to 2 hours.

How to Apply (+ pro tips)

  • Submit an application online (Please no emails or phone calls)
  • As part of the application, create a ~1min video telling us about something you think is f***ing awesome. Put in on Youtube (make as unlisted, not private) and share with us the link in the application. Raw smart phone videos are great! If you do not send a video or send us a link to a random past video thing you did, this ain't gonna cut it. Also respond with what color a leaf is at the start of your video.
  • Create a short and sweet cover letter telling us who you are and why you're interested in this job. No need for the typically "professional" cover letter with lots of fluff. Just be you and tell us what you got going on so we have some context for your application.

Teamland Facilitators are chosen because they have the ability to be supportive and foster connections both with and between those around them. They understand that team building is not merely about having a “feel-good moment” during the team building activity; it’s about having that ‘aha’ moment, building that bond, and maintaining it beyond the team building event.

If you have a strong background in team building, facilitation, experiential training, or professional development training, and are interested in joining Teamland as a contractor, apply today!

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