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We have a very happy ERG and team, that had a fun, easy, and successful virtual event.
- Brand at Facebook
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Fun activity after work, casual good time with coworkers that don't get on a normal remote work day
- Sr. Manager at Amazon
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It was a chance to do something with colleagues I don't have the opportunity to see anymore
- Manager at Freeletics

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Teamland Team Building Reviews

At Teamland, we’re dedicated to reimagining the way you connect with your team and customers. As our team building line continues to expand beyond our virtual team building, the commitment to outrageous quality and fun remains constant….but don’t just take our word for it. Every review collected below is submitted by a real Teamland customer.
group of people in a physical team building laughing

Company Size: 29,300

Berlin, Germany

I was looking for a fun activity in combination with 2 days of virtual meetings. There are not that many tools out there to create a team building atmosphere. Teamland had a personalized game - with dedicated host to spice up the activity and have some fun! There was true engagement! It set us up for further success in our virtual meeting day full of business topics.

- Pim S, Director

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Company Size: 200

Toronto, Canada

Our team rapidly expanding and growing, we wanted to host a virtual team event to get everyone working in groups, sparking conversations and chatting amongst each other as a team. Loved this experience because it was hosted by Teamland and also forced people to step out of their comfort zone and speak up when our awesome host asked questions and helped with ice breakers!

This experience was so fun and the moment I realized it was working was when everyone was laughing, contributing to the conversation, and speaking up on the Zoom call and getting involved.

This really helped bond us as a team and the whole team was involved whereas in normal office / internal situations it's the usual suspects speaking up! We had so much fun and it got the whole team talking! We got to see some real competitive people shine.... after all, we are in Sales :)

- Ashley B, Manager, Client Services
UHN (University Health Network)

Company Size: 8,000

Toronto, Canada

We were looking to run a virtual team social for a large group of HR professionals and didn't know what services were available or which approaches were feasible.

It felt a little daunting as we had over 80 people that we wanted to participate. It was quite engaging. I've done in person escape rooms in the past and Teamland definitely recreated the experience in a virtual format.

I was impressed as I was enjoying the processes throughout. Following the event though, through conversation, I learned that the whole group appreciated the format and the time together.

My team surely feels closer, and there is definitely a sense of pride as we got further in the escape room challenge than the other teams. Across HR, it was an opportunity to have a shared experience and connect just a little bit more.

- Chris A, Senior Organization Development Advisor

Company Size: 50

San Francisco, USA

Having more get togethers with the team amid the distance was difficult. Not having the team feel motivated/burnout.

It was a moment were we could all get together, laugh, and have a great time that we realized how fun the whole activity was and how everyone was interacting with one another.

We can't wait to have more activities with the team as they're super excited to participate.

- Nicole D, HR & Talent Advisor

Teamland Fortune 500 client


Company Size: 450

Paris, France

I wanted to know how to get some fun and connection outside the usual calls. I was lacking team building moment. Before Teamland, I've tried many things: some games, some drinking moment, some e-lunch...but actually most of them failed, as people were not engaged.

People felt engaged right away: no complex setup, you just connect and the game master onboards you super easily. This simplicity enabled my teammates to switch their mind to a casual moment. My teammates are now keen to have this moment every quarter! Before that, there was little personal engagement.

My teammates are more open and relax, just like after when we had good a in-person team building event.

- Remi B, CSO

Company Size: 120

Toronto, Canada

My team needed to plan a virtual holiday party quickly, and with limited time to invest. The planning was a bit of a hot potato - no one in the company wanted to own it.

It was a relief to be introduced to Najeeb from Teamland and understand that he and his team would take care of all the planning. I think it was instant that we knew it was a perfect fit. From our first call, Najeeb reassured me that he could take care of the party planning and offer a range of interesting activities. It was a relaxing experience to work with Najeeb and get a great virtual party experience with minimal effort.

- Rebecca H, Senior Manager, Content Strategy

Company Size: 50

Los Angeles, USA

Finding the right company to host a team event. There are a lot of companies aiming to target the remote lifestyle we live in right now. It can be hard to find the right one amongst a google search of many. Teamland has a large assortment of activities to choose from. I also liked that they provide events where they will ship employees goodies before the zoom call.

I hopped on a call with Najeeb and he was able to help me find the right activity for my team. It really helped to talk through the choices with someone. The team loved the event that was put on and is already asking for more. I'm excited to plan other team events in the future.

- Sandra, Office Manager

Company Size: 200

Berlin, Germany

I needed to organize a virtual team event. It was difficult lining up activities. Teamland had 1 point of contact to organize all curated activities.

From an operational point of view, it became clear after the first call when I understood that the service was exactly what I was looking for. It took me to go through the event itself that this was really spot-on the level of quality and entertainment I was looking for I have a clearly identified partner for virtual team events.

- Yannick, Business Development Lead

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