Best Employee Work Anniversary Ideas in 2024

Congratulations, one of your team members made it through their first year (or more) at your company! Now it’s time to celebrate them for all the hard work they’ve done.
Best Employee Work Anniversary Ideas in 2024
Celebrating work anniversaries helps you foster employee loyalty while showing how much you care.

Employees are always evaluating their tenure at your company, especially during special times like this. Get your employees excited about what’s to come by celebrating their big day.

The ideas we’ll cover aren’t exclusive to the first work anniversary. These ideas can be used for any special milestone to boost employee experience. Work anniversaries are essential dates to recognize.

What do you say to an employee on a work anniversary?

Tips For Work Anniversaries And Years Of Service

Here are some general rules to adhere to as you work to build a scalable strategy for this type of milestone:

Keep Up With Everyone’s Work Anniversary Dates

You shouldn’t be celebrating work anniversaries five days or weeks after the event. If possible, you should be celebrating the day of or earlier. Keeping all of these important dates on your office calendar helps keep an eye on upcoming anniversaries.

Get Everyone Involved

Make sure everyone knows about upcoming anniversary dates so that they can take part in the fun. It’s great to use a recognition and rewards tool to call out anniversaries publicly and allow others in the company to comment.

Be Creative And Make It Personal

Put some thought into your anniversary gift and it will be seen as the culmination of your experience working with an employee. Make sure that the present feels special and unique to the person you’re gifting.

Don’t Think You Need To Spend A Lot Of Money

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend, you can do many free and meaningful things for your employees. Think outside the box and get what you can to celebrate them. Your employees should know the state of your company and your finances. They’ll understand if a gift can’t be extravagant, as long as it’s meaningful.

Do Different Things Based On Tenure

In a world where people change jobs more frequently than they wash their pants, incentivizing or recognizing tenure is seen as the best practice. If you’re going to budget for work anniversary or service awards, make sure to create it in tenure-based tiers. For example, some companies will do something extra special in years 1, 3, 5, and 10.

Employee Work Anniversary Gifts

In order to truly make an impact with your work anniversary gifts, you’ve got to build employee recognition into your culture code. A one-off gift, though might be appreciated, will do very little in building loyalty and boosting morale. But by creating a year-round culture of appreciation and recognition, you’ll help employees feel valued and motivated.

Company Apparel

Branded custom apparel can inspire a sense of belonging and unity amongst your employees. That’s why it’s a great gift idea to reward loyal employees. Not to mention the impact it can have on brand awareness.

Some examples are:

Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic

Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic 20oz -Loop cap

Recycled Unisex Tri-Blend Tee

Recycled Unisex Tri-Blend Tee

Parkland Kingston Backpack

Parkland Kingston Backpack

Send a Gift Basket

A simple, yet effective way to show appreciation is by putting together a purposeful gift basket packed full of everything that a particular employee loves. You can include things like favorite snacks and personalized gifts for the home or office. Gift baskets are easy to personalize and offer a unique unboxing experience that adds to the gifting experience. Be sure to add your own personal touch by including a handwritten note that gives a heartfelt thank you.

Some examples are:

15-Snack Box

15-Snack Box

Coffee Box

Coffee Box

Fruits & Snacks Gift

Fruits & Snacks Gift

Give a Potted Plant

Indoor plants are a fun and unique gift that employees can bring home and use to brighten up their house or keep on their desks for a reminder of their milestone and your appreciation. Potted plants continue to grow, as long as they have the necessary care and attention. The same is true of your employees. A potted plant is a great way to recognize 1-year milestones and stress to your employees that you’ll continue to give them everything they need to grow and be successful in their position.

Modern Desktop Terracotta Planters

Modern Desktop Terracotta Planters

Toast to their Milestones with Cocktail Gifts & Accessories

Work anniversaries are worth celebrating with a toast. Let them celebrate their milestone with the people that matter most to them, by giving them a personalized cocktail set or creating a handcrafted gift feel by adding a pair of branded drinkware. You might even consider throwing a cocktail party in their honor and inviting the whole team to celebrate their big moment.

The Quintessential Gin & Tonic Kit

The Quintessential Gin & Tonic Kit

Triple Spice Margarita

Triple Spice Margarita

Homemade Limoncello Kit

Homemade Limoncello Kit

Give an Indulgent Treat

Celebrate your team members on their special day by surprising them with delicious chocolate, sweet snack items, or a pack full of savory treats. This might be a fun work anniversary gift for those celebrating 1 or 2 years with your company. You can include a handwritten note or some other personalized items. Or, just keep it simple with a sweet message of thanks, and one or two yummy treats left on their desk.

Candy Club - Sour Belts

Candy Club - Sour Belts

Spiced Apple Pie Caramels

Spiced Apple Pie Caramels (1.8 oz)

Treat them to Relaxation with a Cozy Gift for the Home

Sending the message that rest is just as important as work shows your employees you prioritize their health just as much as their work ethic. Celebrating work anniversaries with a nice gift for the home can help employees relax, unwind and just give them a much-needed break. The best home gifts will be personalized to your employees and their interests.

Instant Spa Shower Gift Box

Instant Spa Shower Gift Box

Just Breathe Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set

Just Breathe Eucalyptus Spa Gift Set

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Give them Everything they Need for a Weekend Away

If you have some team members who love to travel, a thoughtful work anniversary gift could be giving them everything they need for a weekend away. There are a lot of different things you could include in a travel essentials kit, so keep your options open. We’d recommend including some sort of backpack or luggage carrier, and including things like a toiletry case, packing cubes, and some types of gadget organizer.

Don’t forget to add some fun personalization to these items. Combined, you’ll have a high-quality travel kit that could be the perfect gift for employees who are celebrating a major milestone with your company, like 10 or 15 years.

Dual Tone Binoculars

Dual Tone Binoculars

Weekender Duffle

Weekender Duffle

Employee Work Anniversary Message

Whether the message is delivered in person, at an event, on a written card, or even an email, a simple statement of gratitude that highlights the recipient’s special milestone is the kind of touch that a gift alone cannot provide.

The following is a comprehensive list of employee appreciation messages and work anniversary best wishes that are sure to inspire you and get you started.

“You bring high energy and a commitment to everything that you do. We are happy to call you a valued teammate.”
“We are all so proud to have you as part of our corporate family. We hope that you keep up your good work for many years to come!”
“Hard work, Loyalty, and Diligence are the cornerstones of great employees. And I’m glad that you have all of these qualities. Today is your work anniversary, and there isn’t any better moment than today to appreciate you and wish you good luck for many years to come.”
“Congratulations on achieving one year of service with the company. Your steadfast faith and dedication to this organization are much appreciated.”
“Happy anniversary! Thank you for all of the contributions that you have made over the years in making our company successful.”
“We are so happy and proud of all you’ve accomplished. Thank you for staying with us over the years. Happy anniversary!”
“Through the years, your abilities and efforts have helped the success of this organization. Together, we celebrate and take pride in your accomplishment and your commitment to excellence. Congratulations on your anniversary!”
“Having an employee like you is a matter of utmost pride and gratitude. Your loyalty and hard work have set an example for everyone in our organization. Thank you for being a part of our organization. Happy Work Anniversary!”
“It takes a great team member to make a difference, and you display that with your actions. You achieved another milestone in your professional career. Happy Work Anniversary.”
“Congratulations on achieving ten years of service. The organization depends on your dedication to your job and the quality of work that you do. We couldn’t do it without you!”
“Everyone requires a person with an abundance of positive vibes and confidence to get things done perfectly. Thank you for being that person. Warm wishes on your work anniversary!”
“Time flies so fast! It’s been almost two decades since you started working. You have stood together with us during all the ups and downs. Thank you for dedicating your 20 amazing years of work to our organization. I wish we continue to hold our strong professional and personal bond for another 20 years to come.”
“Your work ethics are commendable, and so are you as an inspiring individual. We are glad to have you amongst us. Kudos to your incredible years of work!”
“A committed employee and an extraordinary human being. That’s what you are, and we are glad to have someone like you in our workforce. We wish you a happy work anniversary and good luck with all the upcoming years of work.”
“Having a co-worker like you is a matter of absolute pride. You continue to inspire me even after so many years of working together. Happy Work Anniversary.”
“For the past 20 years, you have been a great member of this organization, serving in various roles. Your time and dedication to the company and its mission are much appreciated. You are always willing to help where it is needed in addition to doing your job. Thanks again, and congratulations!”
“You have set very high standards for all of us to emulate with your work ethic and your dedication. Thank you for the things you have done over these past five years. Happy Work Anniversary!”
“I am very privileged to have you as an employee on my team. Over the years, you have done an admirable job, and I value everything you have done to contribute to our growth. My best wishes on your work anniversary. Keep up the great work!”
“Filled with a positive vibe, confidence, honesty, and fearlessness, we couldn’t have found anyone better than you for our team. Happy third Work Anniversary!”
“You have never stopped amazing us with the highest level of perfectionism that you put into your work. It’s already five years since the time you started working, and we are grateful to you for all your incredible years of work. Wishing you a happy fifth work anniversary.”

Employee Work Anniversary Quotes

Work anniversary is an important part of everyone’s career, it is not just a symbolic indicator of the passing of time, but also a testament to someone’s achievement and endurance through their tough times. Wishing your boss, coworkers, and colleagues might seem simple, but it’ll go a long way in making them feel elated just by acknowledging their contribution!

1-year work anniversary quotes

1. Thanks for giving us these past twelve months, and giving your all during that time!

2. One year ago today was your first day. The moment you sat down at your desk, everything changed! So grateful to have you as part of the team.

3. Consider this your one-year-cheer. Woo-hoo!

4. Thank you for the hard work you have put into this past year.

5. You can do a lot in one year – you are living proof of that fact! Happy work anniversary, and thank you for all of your hard work!

6. This is the first of many happy milestones. Congratulations on reaching one year!

7. Happy first anniversary! Looking forward to a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and more!

8. We were so happy to welcome you to the team this year, and are so excited to see what you will do in the years to come!

9. Has it been a year already? Time flies when you are having fun with teammates!

10. Today marks your one-year work anniversary, but it feels like you have been here forever. We are so happy to have you as part of our team!

10-year work anniversary quotes

1. Thanks for sticking it out with us over this past crazy decade! So happy to have had you along for the roller coaster ride!

2. The last ten years have had ups and downs, and you have stuck by the company and the team through good times and bad. Thank you for being here and being reliable.

3. Think of all you have accomplished in the past ten years, and how much you will accomplish in the next ten.

4. Entering double digits is no small deal. Happy workversary!

5. Sending you the warmest wishes for your tenth work anniversary.

6. Happy year ten to a perfect ten!

7. Here’s to ten years, and ten thousand reasons we are happy to have you on the team!

8. Thank you for the time and commitment you have shown the company. We are so grateful to have loyal employees like you.

9. Ten years down, now let’s go for twenty!

10. Happy work anniversary! With you onboard, it has been an amazing decade!

20-year work anniversary quotes

1. We are grateful for your contribution and dedication to our company. Today, you complete 20 years with us. Wishing you a happy work anniversary.

2. You have come a long way since you started out with us twenty years ago. We are grateful for your ideas that have helped us evolve. We wish you a happy work anniversary!

3. Time flies by so quickly! It's been nearly two decades since you began working here. You've been there for us through all of the ups and downs.

4. Thank you for devoting 20 years of your life to our organization. I hope we can maintain our strong work and social bonds for another 20 years.

5. Working with you has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And I hope you have had a pleasant and happy journey during your 20 years of service to our organization.

6. As I recall the first time I met you at work, I'd like to wish you a Happy 20th Work Anniversary!

7. Today marks the culmination of your two-decade tenure as a valued member of our team. We are honored and grateful to have you here.

8. Thank you for choosing to stay with us and inspire us for many years to come. Congratulations on your work anniversary.

9. By establishing your 20-year association with our organization, you have demonstrated the true meaning of devotion and loyalty to everyone. Today is the anniversary of this achievement. Congratulations on your two decades of service.

10. It takes a strong personality and willpower to remain dedicated and loyal to one's job after many years of service. And you are that individual! Congratulations on your work anniversary.

Employee Work Anniversary Cards

Celebrate loyalty and show employees that you care by sending them an Employee Anniversary Card every year on their hire date. It's an inexpensive way to express your appreciation for their contributions.

Example Anniversary Card designs you can choose from:

You can use platforms such as to send these cards to your coworkers.

Employee Work Anniversary Celebration Ideas

If someone has worked for you for one, five, or ten years, this is something to be celebrated, for both them and you. They’ve reached an important career milestone, and you’ve retained them.

While regular “thank yous” from managers can go a long way to ensuring employees feel valued, marking work anniversaries compounds this sentiment. Work anniversaries can be a tricky moment for employee retention, but by ensuring that your team feels valued in their current role, you’ll reduce the risk of them panicking about the milestone and looking for a job elsewhere.

Make a Slideshow

No matter your work environment, a slideshow is an easy, zero-cost way to show some work anniversary recognition to a valued employee. Fill the slideshow with fun images from the employee’s time at your company, highlights of their best work or awards, or even videos of coworkers sharing their favorite memories of the employee.

Throw In an Extra Day Off

We all experience burnout, and I don’t know anyone who isn’t motivated by the thought of an extra day off.

For every year that an employee is with the company, consider granting them an extra day off in the form of PTO or vacation time. This is a major benefit that your staff is sure to appreciate, but it benefits you, too; when people have enough time off to enjoy their lives, they’ll be more focused and excited about the work they do.

Decorate Their Workspace

As far as celebrating a work anniversary goes, this one is a classic for a reason. Decorating an employee’s cubicle, desk or other workspace is a fun way to show your appreciation and boost their spirits all day long. Get the whole team in on the action as you tape up streamers, balloons, and more — your employees will feel good knowing they contributed to their co worker's big day, without obligating them to kick in any cash.

Gift Them Something Thoughtful

Maybe your employee is a coffee fiend or loves the Minnesota Wild. Perhaps they collect something interesting or are obsessed with a certain TV show. Whatever their interests, a gift that acknowledges their unique personality is a fantastic way to make an employee feel special on their work anniversary. An item or two in their area of interest and a card signed by the team makes for a lovely, thoughtful gift that shows you’ve been listening.

Office Party

This is a classic option for a reason. When you throw an office party to celebrate a work anniversary, it’s not just the employee you’re honoring who benefits, but all their colleagues too.

So get the champagne in, order a cake, put some music on, and encourage your team to let their hair down.

It’s worth noting that – especially if you have a big team – it’s best to do this only for big anniversaries, such as five or ten years. If you end up throwing a party every week, the value of doing so will be reduced.

Group Outing

An employee anniversary is a fantastic excuse to get the whole team out of the office and into some fun! Plan a group outing on or near the day of the employee’s anniversary and take the office to play some laser tag, taste some fine wine, or throw some axes — whatever everyone would enjoy! Consider allowing the guest of honor to choose the activity from a short list of corporate-approved options. It will make the outing feel more personal than your average company happy hour!

Plan Their Evening Out

If you can’t give the gift of a bonus PTO day, the next best thing is to give the gift of a night out. Present your employee of honor with a gift certificate or voucher to a nice restaurant and a gift card to the local movie theater, concert venue, or live theater venue. If you’d rather keep things socially distanced, a gift card to a food delivery service (or a nice restaurant that offers delivery) and a small gift bag full of microwave popcorn and movie candy would also do the trick!

Sleep In

This is a great option for those one and two-year anniversaries. It might not be a big bonus, but who doesn’t enjoy a late morning?

Give your employees the morning off work on the day of their anniversary to allow them to catch up on sleep or enjoy brunch with their loved ones.

Invite Them to Give a Talk in Their Area of Expertise

This is a practical work anniversary idea that gives the employee a chance to shine, while also providing free training for other employees.

Invite them to give a talk or lecture on their own area of expertise to a select group of colleagues.

Order Their Favorite Food

This is a simple but effective way to mark a work anniversary. At lunchtime, order the employee’s favorite food for the whole team. Whether it’s pizza and burgers, Chinese takeout, or dessert, it will provide a mood boost for the whole team.

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