Najeeb Khan

Head of Training & Events
Leadership Development, Team Training, Belonging, Diversity & Inclusion, & Innovation

Najeeb Khan is the Head of Training & Events at Teamland. Whether it's improving remote work or creating high-performance teams, Najeeb is always curious about the future.

Najeeb is the author of the Best-Seller book Fluid: How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation.

He has spoken at TEDx, Schulich School of Business, York University, University of Toronto, Centennial College, and others.

He was previously in architecture, backpacked across South America, and did several triathlons.

About Teamland

Teamland provides global high-performance team-building and corporate training workshops to startups and companies like Google, Amazon, Shopify, and more. He's excited about making work fun and creating belonging in teams.

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