July 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas

From summer patios to beaches. These are different ways to celebrate July with your team.
July 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas
July is here, and the weather is warm. It’s time to pack up the flip-flops, sunscreen, and t-shirts and trade them in for sundresses and sandals! July is a great time to retreat to the beach, lakeside cabins, or anywhere else that offers a little piece of paradise over a large cup of coffee. Of course, you’ll want to mix in some team-building activities and corporate events so that when you go back to work it feels like a true vacation.

If you’re wondering what to do for your employees in July, then you’re reading the right blog. Here you will locate various team building activities that will boost teamwork and productivity.

July is National Culinary Arts Month, which means it is the perfect time to hone your kitchen skills and master the art of cooking, grilling...and eating! This month celebrate with Teamland by joining one of our many cooking classes covering different themes, new culinary trends, and old classic recipes. We will teach you tips and tricks on how to roll the best sushi or get the best grill lines on your T-bone steak. 

July 1 – Canada Day - O Canada! Take on your teammates in an all-Canadian-themed virtual Game Show, covering topics from that nation’s favorite sports players to moments in history. If you are looking for a tastier option, sign your team up for a baking class. Canadian-themed of course! 

Today is also a day to reflect and recognize the injustices against Canadian Indigenous people. Sign your team up for an **Indigenous Awareness Training Workshop to better understand and recognize the real history of this land and the first nations community.

July 4 – Independence Day - Do you think you know more than your team about the United States? Test your skills and celebrate The Fourth of July with Teamland Trivia. This themed trivia will cover all topics USA! 

July 7 - World Chocolate Day - Now who doesn’t like chocolate? We certainly love it! Enough to offer classes teaching you all about it with our Chocolate 101 class or Chocolate around the world! Or if you are super adventurous and want to get creative, we offer an Edible Paint Night! Guess what you will be painting with? Chocolate!! Celebrate this sweet day with your team by participating in one of these unique experiences. 

July 8 - Body Painting Day - We fully support you if you want to paint your body, but here at Teamland we prefer to paint on a canvas. We have so many classes for you to join to celebrate this day! Check out our Pour Painting Class, Paint and Cocktails or, Cookies and Canvas class! Bring your team together for a fun and creative experience. 

July 11- Cheer up the Lonely Day - Working remotely makes it tricky to check in with your team on a regular basis. A lot of people are feeling a bit lonely. Today is a great day to check in and see how everyone is coping. Teamland offers a workshop called Human Matter, which allows you to connect with other participants and get to know each other through a guided deep, and insightful conversation.

July 13 - Embrace Your Geekness Day - Calling all spelling nerds! Celebrate your inner geekiness today by entering a Spelling Bee Contest! Show off your skills with the rest of your team. 

July 15 – Give Something Away Day - Today is a day to declutter and organize yourself! Are you really happy with all your stuff? Do you need all of those suits you bought last year now that you are working from home?  Teamland suggests you join us for our Sustainable Wardrobe Workshop to learn more about the detrimental impact of the fashion industry on both people and the planet, with its benefit to learn how to adopt a more sustainable and ethical mindset when it comes to your wardrobe.

July 18 - National Ice Cream Day - Now, there is a very obvious way to celebrate today...eating ice cream of course! But what about other ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Day? Why not learn about where ice cream comes from? Take a Journey through a Farm to learn about dairy cows and where the cream in ice cream comes from! 


July 21 - National Be Someone Day - Today is the perfect day to work on yourself! There are many ways to do this as a team. We suggest checking out Paralympic Power. This experience will teach you how to get into the Zone and find your balance between physical energy and mental stabilization...all while learning about inclusivity and what it means to be a part of a team. Discover how to use a positive mindset and change your way of thinking.

July 24 - National Tequila Day - Need we say more? Our Taste of Mezcal & Tequila experience is your passport and road map through the diversity of tastes found in tequila and mezcal. Let our experts serve as your guides on this virtual tour of Mexico, training you on how to recognize and enjoy the complex flavors of these premium spirits. Our experts will expand on the unique, smoky, spicy, and vegetal character of mezcal and tequila.

Learn about the different kinds including some of the biggest names in Mezcal & Tequila culture and the beautifully curated restaurant and bar menus that each spirit is perfect for! You will come away from this experience with a newfound appreciation for these spirits.

July 25 -  Parent's Day - Since the pandemic started, parents have had to work even harder with their kids staying home, with no reprieve. Celebrate today with a nice and relaxing Soundbath Meditation for a moment of peace.  

July 29 - National Chicken Wing Day and National Lasagna Day - We couldn’t choose which would be better to celebrate, so we thought, why not both!? Gather your team and your appetite for this one, because this cooking class is going to leave you so satisfied. 

July 31 - National Avocado Day - Here at Teamland, we want to honor this magnificent fruit, yes it is a fruit. And what better way to do that than to make tacos, and lots and lots of guacamole? And a margarita couldn’t hurt! Gather your team and celebrate with a taco-making party. Teamland offers a virtual cooking class that will guide you through the tips and tricks on making the most mouth-watering treats.

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