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City Hunt

An exciting way to discover your city. Explore the city in a new way while doing a scavenger hunt.
City Hunt

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Group Size:
4-200+ ppl
1-3 hrs
Format: Virtual & Hybrid Events

Event Details

How it Works

Our socially distant adventures allow you to explore your city, solve riddles, and complete photo challenges to earn points and get on our leaderboard. Participants will find themselves in a wide array of unique experiences such as making friends while solving riddles, learning about the unique history of their city, and exploring their surroundings as a team.

From New York to Amsterdam and everywhere in between, Teamland’s expert team will be sure to tailor your scavenger hunt to your city. We can even build an event for you in another country. Basically, you name the city, and we will build it!

Your team will work together to solve positive psychology clues and challenges in a fun and creative way. We want to make sure that your team is not only building stronger relationships but also developing a stronger sense of pride for the city in which they work.

Frequently Asked Questions about City Hunt:

What is a City Hunt?

The City Hunt is a fun team building activity where players try to find hidden mysteries and places by using a series of clues.

How does a City Hunt work?

Your scavenger hunt will lead your group across town to the best-known landmarks as well as hidden gems. Along the way, you and your teammates will complete fun photo challenges, test your knowledge of local trivia, and solve riddles that will bring your entire group together.

We send the clues to your team in cryptic, unexpected ways to encourage everyone to work together. This works well if you're a new and an old group of friends. The clues are placed in various locations, including but not limited to well-known landmarks, parks, and neighborhoods.

All of the clues and challenges will be location specific, encompass team building, focus on your company culture, and will highlight top trends. The clues include photos, videos, geo-mapping, and trivia. Each team will compete to score as many points as possible in the allotted time to win.

What's the best City Hunt?

Teamland City Hunt is the best Virtual City Hunt with a 98 NPS score. Companies from Amazon, Shopify, Disney, and more have tried our events. Teamland has different City Hunts with different themes including a Holiday theme. But we might be slightly biased.

How do you do a virtual City Hunt on Zoom?

Participants gather together in the main zoom room. Once everyone is there, the host explains the rules and how it works. Then the participants get started on their City Hunt challenge by screen-sharing the virtual City Hunt link provided by the Teamland host. The group must solve all the clues before the time runs out.

How long does a City Hunt take?

Teamland City Hunts have different types of city hunts that range from a 1-hour to a 3-hour City Hunt.

Is it virtual or in-person?

Both! Teamland City Hunts can be adjusted to be in-person and virtual. Virtual City Hunts can be just as fun & complex as real City Hunts. There are different puzzles, and clues that can all be solved virtually. Teamland events have a 98 NPS score with different themes.

How difficult are City Hunts?

If you've never done City Hunts before, it can be challenging but that is largely part of the fun. Teamland's City Hunt has different difficulty levels along with a wide range of locations, activity levels, and challenges that allow each person to explore their own taste. You can expect different themes in any Teamland City Hunt you visit.

Ideal For:

Celebrating a Milestone
Improving cooperation with each other
Getting to know each other well and meaningfully
Having Some Fun
Getting to know each other & networking
New Hires & Onboarding
Farewell, Goodbyes and Retirements


Expert Host
Game Materials
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Customizations Available:

Shorter/Longer Sessions
Shorter/Longer Sessions
Game Theme
Game Theme

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Teams Love Us

“We needed something fresh for our weekly happy hour to keep the event fun and interesting. Teamland brought everyone together from around the country to play new games and video chat all in one place. The Teamland experience kept team mates engaged, entertained, casually competitive and most importantly everyone had a great time!”
Chris M
Senior Designer at Disney
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"I would highly recommend Teamland to other companies. They took care of all the planning and logistics, so I can show up and enjoy the event with my team. Everyone enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to our next event."

Katie T
Director of People Operations at Ghostery
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"Teamland provided a great virtual team building experience for my colleagues. Bingo with a side of trivia was fun for everyone, and Najeeb was a very engaging host. It was great to have the experience contained within a single platform. Looking forward to booking another event with Teamland in the near future!"

Steph O
Director of Culture at Zymewire
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"We were looking for options to host a team social party and didn't know what to do. Teamland not only had several options, but they took to the care to respond to me directly and find out what's best for my company. I really appreciate how quickly Teamland got this event planned and running. They took care of all the details and our team simply showed up and played. The team loved the experience and I'd highly recommend Teamland to others!"

Stephanie A
VP of Operations at Powered by Search
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