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Pilates Power

Life can be hectic with everything going on at home. Doing this instructional pilates with a focus on meditation will help bring your team at ease.
Pilates Power

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Group Size:
6-100+ ppl
30 mins - 1 hr
Format: Virtual & Hybrid Events

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How it Works

Pilates is an activity that exercises your entire body, promotes strength and balanced muscle development, and increases flexibility and mobility in joints. It is accessible to all types of people and fitness levels and can benefit everyone. It also includes breath and mind work, which is hard to find integrated with other types of fitness. There are so many benefits to having a continual Pilates practice. Some of them include: 

  • Creating strength without creating bulk
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Developing core strength
  • Improving posture
  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing awareness of the mind/body connection
  • Decreasing stress

 Why not start this great habit with your team and share the benefits? You will surely see an improvement in productivity and focus.

Ideal For:

Learning Something New and Increasing Knowledge
Motivating Everyone


Expert Host
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Customizations Available:

Shorter/Longer Sessions
Shorter/Longer Sessions
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Your Video Platform

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“We needed something fresh for our weekly happy hour to keep the event fun and interesting. Teamland brought everyone together from around the country to play new games and video chat all in one place. The Teamland experience kept team mates engaged, entertained, casually competitive and most importantly everyone had a great time!”
Chris M
Senior Designer at Disney
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"I would highly recommend Teamland to other companies. They took care of all the planning and logistics, so I can show up and enjoy the event with my team. Everyone enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to our next event."

Katie T
Director of People Operations at Ghostery
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"Teamland provided a great virtual team building experience for my colleagues. Bingo with a side of trivia was fun for everyone, and Najeeb was a very engaging host. It was great to have the experience contained within a single platform. Looking forward to booking another event with Teamland in the near future!"

Steph O
Director of Culture at Zymewire
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"We were looking for options to host a team social party and didn't know what to do. Teamland not only had several options, but they took to the care to respond to me directly and find out what's best for my company. I really appreciate how quickly Teamland got this event planned and running. They took care of all the details and our team simply showed up and played. The team loved the experience and I'd highly recommend Teamland to others!"

Stephanie A
VP of Operations at Powered by Search
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