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Your Events In A Box

Teams organize events,
We do the work,
You take the credit!

Great Teams Hang Out On Teamland

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“Planning & Scheduling Events Suck”

You spend a lot of time trying coordinate all the logistics for the events each time. Going between teams, squads, departments...for each event.

You know it's important but don't have the time.

Plus the last thing you want to do is schedule something that you have to host yourself or something everyone hates and no one shows up to.

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Meet Teamland

Introducing Teamland

The ONE place for all your team events

1. All In One Place for Team Events

Video Breakouts
Team members can freely move in and out for spontaneous chats
In-Built Games
Bingo, ice-breaker questions and much more games coming soon
Virtual Experiences
Over 20 unique activities for your team to do at home from chefs to magicians to yoga
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2.Teams can create their own events

Managers have the flexibility to create their own events for their teams. They can choose online in-built games like bingo, or an expert led event like a cooking class. There are new activities each month so the employees have options and can have fun.

3. Easy Management For You

Oversee all the details without being involved. We'll help you sort out expenses easily with your finance team before the event so you can relax.

4. Track the ROI of events & culture

Teamland helps you know metrics from events such as who's attending, while also providing a dashboard for People teams to measure how many employees are engaged and happy.
(coming soon)

5. Cultivating Diversity & Inclusivity

Teamland gives everyone a fair access to speak and participate at events. Including those who are shy so no one gets left out.

People teams can also understand how different groups of people at the company feel about their company culture.
(coming soon)

6. Comes With Your Own Event Planner & Host

We'll take care of all the planning and logistics for the event in style.
You get to enjoy the event with your team instead of being the host.

Different Use Cases

Image of employees

Weekly Socials

Plan an open hour for casual drop-in or weekly set times for socials

Image of admins

Retreats or Offsites

Need a fun break during quarterly events? We got you covered

Image of HR & Managers

Culture Onboarding

Help new hires to get to know their team and company more easily

Ready for a fun event?

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