12 Art Team Building Activities to Boost Collaboration

Let’s discover the artistic side of your team members - check out these 12 art team building activities to foster creativity and boost engagement.
12 Art Team Building Activities to Boost Collaboration
We all have an artsy side deep inside us, but in a world where deadlines, meetings, and professional objectives dominate our routines, unleashing our creative side is not always easy.

They say that art transcends languages and barriers through creativity, and now, it’s time to bring these benefits into the workplace.

Let’s check out 12 different art team building activities that will transform your teams’ dynamics, ignite creativity, and lead to a more productive workspace. 

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Benefits of Art Team Building Activities

Art is all around us in our daily lives, and incorporating it into our workplaces is a creative way to experience its benefits.

There are many benefits of integrating an art team building activity into your company, as shown by the following three statistics:

  1. Activities such as painting, writing, and coloring encourage creativity and self-expression among people of all age groups (NPS JP Nagar).
  2. Introducing art pieces into the work environment helps workers restore mental energy, reduces stress, and leads to improved focus on job duties (Work Design).
  3. Providing workplaces with artworks leads to better communication and teamwork among coworkers, increasing stimulation and fostering different ways to collaborate in professional duties (Evaluation of the Workplace Environment in the UK, and the Impact on Users’ Levels of Stimulation on Sage Journals).

How to Choose Art Team Building Activities in 3 Steps

We now know how beneficial art team building activities can be for your company, but before choosing an event, it’s important to follow three quick steps:

  • Step 1 - Consider Your Teams’ Interests and Skills: Not all team members explicitly show their artsy side in their day-to-day lives. In fact, some of them might have difficulties engaging in art-related activities. Ask each team member about the art topics they are more interested in before choosing an art team building event.
  • Step 2 - Set a Common Goal: Define the specific goal that you want to reach with the art team building activity. Some of the most common goals include fostering creativity, improving communication, and building trust among team members.
  • Step 3 - Choose Collaborative Activities: Choose events that foster team work and include both remote and in-office team members. Art team building activities that encourage collaboration and inclusion tend to yield better results than individual activities. 

12 Best Art Team Building Activities

It’s time to get your team immersed in the magic and benefits of art-themed team building activities.

Let’s put work-related stress aside, and check out the 12 best art team building activities for in-person, remote, and hybrid work teams. 

1. Office-themed Art Project

The first art-focused team building activity we’ll talk about consists of doing a classic office-themed art project.

All offices are unique and have their own personality, so perhaps there’s some interesting shared artwork that can come to life with the help of all team members.

Gather art project ideas, choose the art style, and work together to create something remarkable that matches the general essence of your workplace.

This activity has no limits other than imagination. Once the art project is finished, organize a presentation to show it to all team members; let it serve as a visual reminder of your team’s collective efforts!

  • Group Size: All in-office group types.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours, depending on the art style selected.

2. Instant Artist

Instant Artist by Teamland is a hybrid team building activity where all team members can express their creativity together.

The goal of the activity is to get rid of work-related stress by painting different styles, such as photography and sculptures, using the materials provided by Teamland’s experts.

Instantly turning into an artist is not difficult when team members start to paint with no instructions. This team building activity fosters communication between participants, and it’s the perfect way to promote a collaborative work environment by integrating both remote and in-office workers into a stress-free space.

  • Group Size: Small and medium hybrid groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

3. Make & Paint Your Own Pottery

Neuroscience demonstrates that engaging in pottery-making activities is good for overcoming depression and mental health issues (Bridges to Recovery).

Although this form of art can be tricky to master at first, finding a local pottery spot can bring many benefits to your team.

If some or most team members don’t feel like learning to use the pottery wheel, there’s an alternative: pottery painting kits.

Instead of making the pottery, participants will design, paint, and express their creative side by simply painting already-sculpted pieces. 

  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 3 hours.
Officemates doing art

4. Paint with Pride

Historically, art has been used to celebrate diversity and show the different perspectives that define us as human beings.

Paint with Pride by Teamland is an art-based activity that focuses precisely on that: celebrate Pride Month and encourage respect and tolerance among team members.

Paint with Pride is hosted by professional artists, and it’s one of those team building activities that focus on unleashing the artsy side of team members while also raising awareness about diversity in the workspace. 

  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized hybrid teams.
  • Activity Duration: 1 hour.

5. Edible Paint Night

It’s time to participate in an unforgettable Edible Paint Night, an activity hosted by Teamland’s team building experts where all team members will have a fun, tasty, and artistic time together.

Edible Paint Night consists of creating an edible work of art using a chocolate canvas and cocoa butter-based paints.

This hybrid team building event is fun, interesting, and unique - give it a try, and let the magic of art and chocolate create a long-lasting moment in the minds of your team members.

  • Group Size: All hybrid team sizes.
  • Activity Duration: 1 hour or more, depending on team size.

6. Classic Drawing Class or Workshop

Learning a new skill is always a great way to foster creativity and boost engagement among team members.

If you are looking for a more classic approach to art events, then a classic Drawing Class might be exactly what you and your team need. 

Grab a piece of paper and draw something interesting - ignite your creativity with or without rules; the choice is yours!

Likewise, participating in a Candle Making Workshop is a fun and effective way to recharge energies and create a more united work team.

Soap Making is an art too, so, as you can see, there’s a wide variety of educational workshops and art-related events to choose from. All of Teamland’s classes and workshops are led by professional artists and experts who will guide teams of all sizes as required.

  • Group Size: All hybrid team sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

7. Canvas & Cookies

Canvas & Cookies is part of Teamland’s paint and taste events, which enable all team members to work alongside each other by creating meaningful bonds.

In Canvas & Cookies, each team member will be given a canvas to paint and some delicious cookies to eat - you can add some coffee in there as well. 

This fun event works to onboard new members and foster communication among remote and in-office team members.

  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized hybrid teams.
  • Activity Duration: 1 hour.
Doing art at the office

8. Paint Your Own Graffitis

Have you ever seen those cool graffiti that decorate the walls of your city’s streets? Now, you can turn into a street artist by engaging in the art of spray painting.

Find an empty wall near your office, bring some spray paint, and work together to create a graffiti you are all proud of.

Mastering spray painting is not always easy, but encouraging creativity and materializing an idea that you, as a team, had in mind, will lead to meaningful memories among all participants.

  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

9. Sketch & Sangria and Paint & Cocktails

If you are not a fan of Canvas & Cookies, and are rather looking for something a little more exciting, then worry not - Teamland has got you covered.

Sketch and Sangria and Paint and Cocktails are two different yet very similar team building activities with two goals: showcasing your art skills and having some good drinks with your team.

The goal of these activities is simple: create fun art, not fine art, while sharing life stories and bonding with each other with delicious alcoholic drinks. The cocktails and pre-made sangria are provided by Teamland.

  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized hybrid groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 45 minutes to 2 hours.

10. Pouring Paint Art Class

Creating a work of art doesn’t have to be an intimidating activity. 

If you and your team don’t know where to get started, then the perfect way to create a truly unique masterpiece is by allowing the paint to take control over your artwork.

Engaging in a Pouring Paint Art Class by Teamland is a great choice if you haven’t chosen the overall theme of the art event and you just want team members to have fun, 

Create your own free-form masterpiece and let the pouring paint take control of your work.

  • Group Size: Small hybrid teams.
  • Activity Duration: 1 hour.
Art team building with collegues

11. Painting Show & Tell

If you are not sure what activity to choose, then Painting Show & Tell might be exactly what you are looking for.

Ask your team members to create a work of art at home or during their free time. Team members can paint with their kids, family, members of the community, or significant others - the choice is theirs.

After creating an artwork they are proud of, gather the teams into a group call or physical office space and make them show the end result in front of the whole team.

Each team member will explain the meaning of the art piece, which will create a more welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

  • Group Size: All in-office group sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

12. Seasonal Art Event

Some forms of art make more sense during certain times of the year. By participating in a seasonal art event, it is possible to start planning the upcoming holiday season with art pieces that evoke the essence of iconic celebrations.

If winter is around the corner, make Christmas-related paintings and hang them on the office’s wall. On the other hand, if your team is looking forward to Independence Day, showcase your love for America together by creating art pieces about the 4th of July.

Other popular holiday themes include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more. The best part is that this event can be carried out multiple times throughout the year, turning it into a seasonal activity that will spark joy inside the office. 

  • Group Size: All in-office group sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

Summary: 12 Art Team Building Activities to Enjoy with Your Team

Art brings us together, and now, the following 12 art team building activities will help you and your whole team enjoy the benefits of art expressions inside the workplace: 

  1. Office-Themed Art Project: Think about a relevant topic that matches your office personality and work together on an art project that showcases your office’s unique essence.
  2. Instant Artist: Instantly turn into an artist by using the materials provided by Teamland’s experts.
  3. Pottery Painting: Create and paint your own pottery piece to combat depression and other mental health issues.
  4. Paint with Pride: Celebrate diversity in the workplace by raising awareness around Pride Month.
  5. Edible Paint Night: Have a fun and memorable night by creating a piece of art on a chocolate canvas - don’t forget to eat it afterward!
  6. Drawing Class & Workshops: Participate in a classic art-focused class or workshop to learn new skills and foster creativity.
  7. Canvas & Cookies: Use a blank canvas to bring your ideas to life while having some freshly baked cookies with your coworkers.
  8. Graffiti Painting: Unleash the street artist you have inside by spray painting an empty wall near your office space.
  9. Sketch & Sangria and Paint & Cocktails: Forget about the challenges of complicated art forms and have a relaxing night while having a drink with your team.
  10. Pouring Paint Art Class: Let pouring paint define the end result of your art pieces without pressure.
  11. Painting Show & Tell: Paint something with significant others and explain the meaning of the art piece to your coworkers.

Seasonal Art Event: Submerge into the spirit of upcoming holidays by creating seasonal art pieces to hang around the office proudly.

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