Hosting Amazing Team Lunches

Lunches are the best way to keep team morale high, but how do you ensure they are just as fun as other business lunches? We cover it here.
Hosting Amazing Team Lunches
With the economic recovery, corporate activities begin again. One of these is the business lunches, which seek to improve relations both among employees and at an inter-company level. Organizing a team lunch is a step towards better relations and success. Team lunches are usually held to establish agreements and negotiations in an environment different from the work environment or the typical business lounge of a company.

Although the team lunch is one of the most common corporate events, there are other alternatives such as brunch, cocktail, or dinner. Of course, it depends entirely on the reason why you are organizing this type of event.

A team lunch falls into the corporate category because it is not the same as any other social gathering, just as it is not a lunch with friends. On the contrary, implicit elements and imperceptible details play in a team lunch, but they are fundamental to determining the success or failure of a business.

Because of the level of importance involved in organizing a team lunch, there are a variety of questions, such as where to organize the lunch, what to consider, and how to make it enjoyable and informal, but at the same time productive.

Below, we will look at several tips to organize a lunch that has positive results.


How to organize a team lunch

If you want to organize a pleasant meeting, it is advisable to follow some steps, including sending an invitation several days in advance and respecting the agenda of the guests. It is usual to use e-mail or make a phone call to communicate the event.

Team lunches are held on business days to discuss business matters, outside the office environment, trying to create a more pleasant atmosphere for the attendees. Team lunches are usually held in order to reach an agreement in an environment different from the work environment or the typical meeting room in a company. This type of event is becoming more and more popular to achieve a comfortable moment for both parties. Team lunches or dinners are preferably held on working days, as many people do not like to discuss work issues on weekends.

Choosing the place

The objective of the chosen place is to create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere than the office. The most frequent places for these occasions are exclusive restaurants, hotels, or private rooms, depending on the type of lunch or dinner. The chosen place must be reserved in advance in the name of the host. For this type of event, improvisation is a sign of disorganization. 

Only in some exceptional cases are they held in the office, in a private room, or in the board of directors' dining room, but never in the company's dining room, where the employees attend.

It is necessary that all the guests arrive on time to discuss the planned topics, and it is likely that the presence of all the guests will be required. The approximate duration is two hours.

You can also reserve a special type of menu and establish important details with the caterer.

What to eat?

The food is an excuse to organize the professional meeting, it is not the center of attention, however, it is necessary that the menu ensures the comfort and integration of all attendees.

Try to keep the food light, easy to digest, and simple to serve.

The team lunch menu will consist of a first course, a main course, dessert, and coffee. The dishes could be chosen by each guest or previously established by the host. If the menu was chosen in advance it is necessary to know the dietary needs of the guests and if any of them have allergies. It does not usually include alcoholic beverages, or heavy meals, since the attendees will then continue their working day. Nor is it necessary to have a drink beforehand, because it would lengthen the time. If anyone wishes to leave, he/she should do so after having coffee, after the host, if it is the case.

The topic for the lunch will be discussed during the meal itself, so the service should be agile and at the same time, discreet.

The host will take care of the entire bill, approaching the cashier, so as not to pay in the presence of the guests. 

Remember that they are your guests, make them see the importance of their presence in the meeting and in the organization, because they are your winning team.

Types of corporate lunches

We have two different types of corporate lunches, and these vary depending on their purpose, they are usually given to make agreements in a different environment than work. These can be:

Team Building

Every team lunch should be full of fun. But sometimes, that's easier said than done! How can you hold a meeting that doesn't feel like work? Whether you're an admin for an office, part of a marketing team, or just planning a team lunch, the key is to make sure that you're accounting for everyone's diet and have some icebreaker questions ready to go.

Negotiation process

Negotiations take place around tables, and studies show that events such as team lunches or dinners are highly effective. Indeed, more than 70% of successful negotiations have taken place around a lunch table. This is thanks to the tranquility of the atmosphere, which, even though it is a business meeting, the meal allows you to be less formal and demanding.

Closing a negotiation

In this type of event, we seek to close a negotiation process, which is known to have had a positive outcome. This type of lunch is more informal than the previous one, although it is still a business meeting.


Prepare the topics to be discussed

As we have said before, improvisation is not a good sign when it comes to reaching a business agreement. That is why it is important for the host to prepare in advance what topics and at what time they will be discussed.

In order to achieve better communication and transmission of ideas, it is essential to comply with this step to ensure the success of your business meeting.

Important Tips

Preferably avoid serving alcohol, remember that the meeting is purely professional and is not of a social nature. A glass of wine with the meal may be a good idea, but that will be more than enough.

It is important not to talk only about business, the idea of organizing this meeting outside the work environment is to achieve an integration of the attendees. Besides, going straight to business is not the most indicated, you can start with more common discussions such as hobbies or experiences to break the ice.

Organizing a business lunch is not complicated, you just need to keep in mind these simple tips to fulfill your purpose and achieve the desired success.

Design your lunch events based on what makes your organization unique, and you will help your staff feel part of something that matters. At Teamland we have a team specialized in event organization, who will be at your disposal in every part of the process, learn more about our corporate services on our website.

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