January 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas

There’s nothing more exciting than the first month of the year. Plan your team-building activities for the month with your team.
January 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas
There’s nothing more exciting than the first month of the year. Plan your team-building activities for the month with your team.

January 1 - New Year

Celebrate the new year with our Virtual Holiday Party with your team. This is probably what's on everyone's mind as THE party of the year. You can make it small, uniquely you, or make it grand. There are a lot of options to mix for both virtual and hybrid holiday party events. If you're looking for help, check out Teamland's Virtual Holiday Party.

January 3 - Drinking Straw Day

This is your perfect excuse to drink that cocktail you’ve been craving for. You can also join Teamland for a  virtual cocktail class to celebrate this day with your team. Our bartenders will help you through a recipe step-by-step so that you can follow along and create the perfect at-home cocktail. There are different experiences you can choose from to make that perfect drink. Time to use that straw and bottoms up!

January 4 - Lemon Caramel Day

Got a sweet tooth? Teamland got you and your team covered with our virtual baking class. You will not only get to learn how to create them, but you also get to eat them! A win-win situation indeed.

January 10 - Clean Off Your Desk Day

Having a clean and organized workspace gives a new perspective and boosts our motivation. Join Teamland for our Home Office Design for you and your team. Our team of experienced commercial and residential designers will help you create a home office setup that will inspire your work and support your well-being.

January 15 - Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Are you a Pastrami lover? Pastrami is usually made from beef but you can create it with pork, mutton, or turkey. Learn the skills to impress everyone at work with our Around The World Cooking if you’re up to making one on this day. Our ingredients are sourced locally and freshly delivered to your door.

January 18 - Thesaurus Day

A Thesaurus is probably the most helpful tool whenever we’re looking for a more accurate word on our reports and day-to-day work activities. Play a game with your team and increase your vocabulary with our trivia game. Challenge the team and see who gets the most points to win!

January 20 - Cheese Lover’s Day

Feast your palates with cheese! On this day, enjoy some cheese with your lunch or as a snack. Take it to the next level with our Create Your Cheese Platter and learn about different kinds of cheese, put together a charcuterie platter that you can enjoy with your team.  

January 22 - Popcorn Day

Popcorn is a staple snack around the world. If you’re looking to learn how popcorn is made from different places, try our virtual cooking class that you can take with your team. And of course, you get to eat a delicious snack at the end of this unique experience!

January 25 - Irish Coffee Day

One coffee isn’t just enough. With the rush of everything going on, coffee tends to be a necessity to get our day going. We at Teamland have a Coffee Masterclass that you or your team can take to have a new experience when it comes to coffee. You don’t just get to smell that nutty, smoky, and herby aroma of the coffee, you also get to learn how different types of coffee are made, just like how Irish Coffee is made!

January 28 - Inner Child Awakening Day

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Release your inner child and have fun on this day! It’s a great way to release that stress and just enjoy the day with the fun activities you can have with your team:

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