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Purple Orchid

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Purple Orchid


Go on an adventure to Cape Town with our purple striped Phalaenopsis orchid! The elegant ceramic planter echoes the ocean waves of the South African coast while the orchid itself resembles the radiant beauty of the culture of Cape Town. Its straightforward silhouette and radiant color invites everyone looking for the perfect plant to cultivate at home or give as a thoughtful gift. Caring for your new orchid is easy! Simply add three ice cubes once a week to the potting media. Your orchid's roots will quickly tell you if it's getting enough water:

- Green: getting enough water.

- Brown and mushy: too much water.

- Grayish-white: needs more water.

If you notice your orchid's roots are white or grayish, misting may help increase the humidity and help your orchid be healthier.

Misting does not replace watering.