Virtual Dance Party

Get your team together for a virtual dance party!

How it Works

Group Size: 
4+ ppl
10 mins - 1 hr

Cue the music! One of the quickest and easiest virtual team building activities is the Virtual Dance Party. You can either host your virtual dance as a standalone event or add it as a quick one-minute session during a meeting.

Important: You don’t need to bust fancy moves, just turn on a song and move to the beat! Dancing can help cure awkward silences, keep energy high, and inject fun and team building into your team calls.

Some of our favorite songs for a quick dance break are:

  • The Beatles, 'Twist and Shout'
  • Justice, 'D.A.N.C.E.
  • Madonna, 'Vogue'
  • The Isley Brothers, 'Shout'
  • Michael Jackson, 'Thriller'
  • Deee-Lite, 'Groove Is In the Heart'
  • Chic, 'Le Freak'
  • Bee Gees, 'Stayin' Alive'

Ideal For:

Having Some Fun
Motivating Everyone

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