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Capture the Flag

Explore the city in a new way while playing a competitive game outsmarting the other teams
Capture the Flag

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Group Size:
4-200+ ppl
1-3 hrs
Format: Virtual & Hybrid Events

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How it Works

Unleash your competitive spirit and strategic prowess in this classic game tailored for the expansive outdoors. Set amidst nature's playground, Capture the Flag Outdoors pits teams against each other in a riveting quest to secure the opponent's flag, all while defending their own.

But this isn't just any game. The vastness of the outdoor terrain adds layers of complexity. Players will encounter varying landscapes in the city or in rural areas —from thick woods to open fields—that demand different strategies.

If in the city, teams will explore different landmarks and explore the city in a novel way.

If in the rural areas, teams will deal with natural obstacles, such as hills, water bodies, and dense foliage, enhance the game's intensity, requiring teams to continuously adapt and re-strategize.

Beyond the chase and exhilaration, Capture the Flag Outdoors is a lesson in collaboration and communication. Every member plays a crucial role, whether they're sprinting to grab the flag, devising cunning diversions, or guarding their base. As the game unfolds, teams will find that success isn't just about speed—it's about synchronicity, trust, and collective thinking.

Ideal for groups looking to foster camaraderie or just indulge in a fun-filled day, Capture the Flag is more than a game. It's an experience, a test of wits and agility, and a cherished memory in the making. So gather your squad, strategize your moves, and let the flag-hunting adventure begin!

A group of people holding their flag for the Teamland Capture the Flag team building activity
A group of people looking at the phone for the Teamland Capture the Flag team building activity

Frequently Asked Questions about Capture the Flag:

What is a Capture the Flag?

Capture the Flag  is a traditional outdoor game where two teams compete to retrieve a flag (or object) hidden in the opponent's territory and return it to their own base without being tagged. The game emphasizes strategy, teamwork, and agility.

How does Capture the Flag work with several teams?

When introducing more than two teams to Capture the Flag, the game dynamics can change considerably. The playing field is divided into multiple territories, one for each team, with each team guarding its own flag. The goal remains to capture an opposing team's flag and return it to one's own base. However, with multiple flags in play, teams must strategize not only about offense (capturing flags) but also about defense (protecting their own flag from multiple opponents). Alliances may form between teams, but trust is fragile in the heat of competition. This multi-team variant can be more complex and requires refined strategies and heightened awareness.

How long does a Capture the Flag take?

The duration of a Capture the Flag game can vary based on several factors such as the size of the playing area, the number of players, the rules set in place, and the strategies employed by the teams. A typical game can last anywhere from 1-3 hours.

How difficult are Capture the Flag?

The difficulty of Capture the Flag can vary based on the rules established, the terrain of the playing field, and the skill levels of the participants. At its core, the game requires a balance of speed, strategy, and teamwork. Physical agility can be an advantage in open terrains, while strategy becomes crucial in areas with plenty of hiding spots. The game can be as simple or as challenging as players want it to be, making it adaptable for participants of all ages and skill levels.

Can Capture the Flag be a good activity for mixed ages?

Yes, we've developed our Teamland Capture the Flag to be flexible for the group participating. It can be less physically demanding as the group prefers.

Ideal For:

Celebrating a Milestone
Improving cooperation with each other
Getting to know each other well and meaningfully
Having Some Fun
Getting to know each other & networking
New Hires & Onboarding
Farewell, Goodbyes and Retirements


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Customizations Available:

Shorter/Longer Sessions
Shorter/Longer Sessions
Game Theme
Game Theme

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