April 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas

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April 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas
April is not just the month of jokes and tricks, it’s also the month of bringing out your creativity, having fun, and a reminder to take things easy. It’s okay to take a break. If you’re looking into ideas for fun for the team this month, these are for you:

April 1 - April Fool’s Day

It’s the day of practical jokes, tricks, and having fun in general! Plan and prepare your best jokes and celebrate at the end of the day with our virtual party activities with the team! Compete which jokes & tricks are the best and the most fun. Maybe plan a thing or two for next year’s April Fools.

April 3 - World Party Day

This day is meant to celebrate everything that’s good and optimistic in the world. Organize and host an event with the team with our custom events that fit your vision to celebrate! 

April 5 - International Soup Day

Soup is a food staple. You can have it as a side, as a comfort food, or with bread and you can eat it at any time of the day. It’s something that gives us warmth during the cold weather and relaxes us when we’re sick. Level up your soup game and learn how people around the world make it with our cooking class that you can take with your team. Share and eat different soup recipes at the end of the class!

April 7 - World Health Day

With everything that’s going on in the world today, prioritizing our health is very important. On this day, take the extra steps to take care of your health. You can start by bringing your friends, colleagues, or even your team to different activities on improving their health! We at Teamland have a range of health experiences you can choose from:

  • Destress and Relaxation Progress
  • Stretch & Tone
  • Ayurvedic & Anti-inflammatory Cooking
  • Foundations of Healthy Eating
  • Building and Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

April 10 - Banana Day

Only a handful of people know of this special day - but let’s change that! Banana is not just a fruit you can eat on their own, you can also use them as a baking ingredient. Our baking class is something you can have with your team to learn how you can add bananas to different recipes. Of course, the class will not be complete without tasting and enjoying your baked masterpiece with your colleagues.

April 16 - Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Looking into something that will help the team have a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere while having fun at the same time? This day is for you. With everything going virtual now, this is the perfect opportunity to host an event and have everyone wear their favorite pajamas. Of course, there’s nothing better than awarding who wore it best!

April 21 - World Day of Creativity and Innovation

Doing the same thing over and over again is tiring. So, on this day, bring out your creativity and challenge yourself to think out of the box! Try out our different experiences on this day with your team and get creative:

April 23 - Talk Like Shakespeare Day

This day is meant to encourage us to speak like Bard and characters in his plays. Substitute you and them into thou, thee, and ye. You can also take our improvisation class with your team - practice and play one of his plays to celebrate his birthday.

April 28 - Superhero Day

Who’s your favorite superhero? Grab your suit and wear them today! Just like wearing your pajamas at work, this is also a good way to motivate the team and have fun together. Compete and award members who have the best superhero costume!

April 29 - International Dance Day
Dancing is the ultimate activity to relieve stress, meet new people and boost physical health. Take your passion and dance the night away with our dancing class with your team. Even if you have two left feet!

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