20 Best Employee Engagement Software in 2024

If you're looking to buy employee engagement software, you've come to the right place.
20 Best Employee Engagement Software in 2024
The right employee engagement platform will allow your organization to build a stronger culture which leads to better employee retention, and an easier time hiring.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software is a type of application companies use to improve talent retention and job satisfaction. The objective is to leverage the power of technology to boost productivity and efficiency in a quantifiable way. The right employee engagement platform should include training tools, recognition and incentives for employees, surveys and feedback, a notification system, a performance evaluation system, and system integration with the appropriate business tools such as HR tools, email marketing, and customer relation software. It will allow your organization to build a stronger culture, which will lead to better employee retention, and an easier time hiring.

Employee engagement software also allows companies to keep their hand on the pulse of their organization to see what managers need more training, which teams have higher flight risk, and how key objectives are being met within the organization.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Software

Increased retention — Employees are more likely to stay because they feel emotionally invested in the company.

Stronger company culture — The team remains in sync and grows closer.

Increased communication — Employees are able to communicate more effectively even across departments.

Easier to get employee feedback — Built-in feedback features allow the employer to put their finger on the pulse of the company.

Increased productivity — With better incentives, communication, and overall company culture, employees will take initiative and look for better practices.

What is the best employee engagement software?

The below list of software is meant to help you choose the right engagement platform for your company. It has general info on use cases, pitfalls, best practices, etc. You may also be interested in performance management software which allows companies to track the goals of an individual, group, division, and company. Good luck!

20 Best Employee Engagement Software

Employees choosing the best employee engagement softwares


Best For: Companies between 100 to over 1000 employees.

Kazoo combines engagement surveys, continuous performance management, and employee recognition into one powerful platform to help you improve employee experience and by extension, company culture. It features employee engagement, rewards and recognition, and performance management—all in a single user-friendly platform. Their three-pronged approach allows People teams to use one vendor that seamlessly shares data across all three modules.

Pricing: Kazoo has three plans depending on the modules included: Recognition or Performance or a combination of both in a single plan (i.e. the full platform). Annually, the pricing is as follows:

Growth: $5 per employee per month for the Recognition module; $9 per month for the Performance module and; $12.50 per employee per month for the full platform. This plan is great for companies with 100 - 25 employees.

Standard: $4.25 per employee per month for the Recognition module; $7.50 per month for the Performance module and; $10.50 per employee per month for the full platform. Recommended for 250 - 1000 employees.

Enterprise: This plan has custom pricing so you have to contact Kazoo’s Sales team for a quote. This plan is designed for companies with 1,000 or more employees.


Best For: Companies of all sizes across different verticals.

Leapsome has customizable, easy-to-set-up employee engagement surveys, and allows you to measure the pulse of your company culture and make strategic decisions based on real-time insights. There are also features that analyze written responses to open-ended questions to help you quickly uncover sentiment, identify common themes, and undertake data-driven actions to tackle the biggest challenges.

Leapsome is highly flexible and highly customizable – you can choose to build on their best-practice surveys and questionnaires developed by psychologists or set up surveys from questions to timelines and anonymity settings.

Pricing: It depends on the number of your employees, the module you want to use, and the length of your contract. It starts from $7 per user per month, billed annually. If you want a detailed quote, you have to contact Leapsome’s Sales team. There’s also a free trial for 14 days - no credit card is required!


Best For: Companies with large teams, from 250 to thousands of users in any country and industry.

Kudos® is a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement platform. Their features include: leveraging the impact of peer-to-peer recognition, values reinforcement, open communication, and actionable feedback. They also help organizations boost engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive performance.

With robust dashboards and real-time people analytics, Kudos® provides organizations with deep insights and a clear understanding of their workforce. In addition to software, the team at Kudos® also offers consulting services for companies that need extra help.


Contact their Sales team to get a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business.


Best For: Small to Medium Businesses

Motivosity combines four products in one and is quite comprehensive; it has features for employee engagement, recognition, performance management, coaching succession planning, and much more. What’s great about Motivosity is that it isn’t just for managers to use, but for employees too. The platform facilitates peer-to-peer recognition so everyone’s feedback is heard.


They have 4 products:

Connect: $1 per person per month and is automatically bundled with the other products

Recognize: $3 per person per month

Lead: $6.50 per person per month

Listen: $2 per person per month


Best For: Companies in different industries with 50 - 50,000 employees.

Bonusly’s goal is to increase employee engagement and retention through authentic interactions and positive reinforcement. Bonusly helps bring visibility around small wins in multiple ways: create surveys to communicate with employees, integrate them with your communication tools, or evaluate recognition trends with detailed reports.

Through its social media-style interface, Bonusly allows employees to shout out their colleagues for great work on a company-wide scale. It has also recently added an employee feedback feature, allowing companies to gain real-time, actionable insights into employee satisfaction levels through pre-made and custom surveys.

Pricing: (billed annually)

Core: $2.70 per user per month

Pro: $4.50 per user per month

Customer: Designed for large organizations and has custom pricing.


Best For: Small and mid-size businesses

Empuls is a cloud-based, holistic employee engagement platform built for small to medium-sized businesses to improve their internal culture. It focuses on all things employee engagement with features that facilitate continuous employee communication, collaboration, rewards, recognition, surveys, people analytics, and more.

Pricing: (billed annually)

Starter: $2 per person per month and ideal for teams with up to 200 employees

Proficient: $3.60 per person per month and ideal for teams with more than 200 employees


Best For: Companies looking for a complete employee engagement solution with many types of onboarding tools.

ClearCompany's a one-stop-shop for all sorts of employee engagement solutions that can take care of everything from recognition and celebrations to goal planning and real-time feedback. It is mobile-friendly and multilingual with powerful survey tools where you can choose from a template or create your own.

Another thing that’s great about ClearCompany is their excellent customer service and the wideness of their offer - you can choose to use only one or a few modules or use one of their tools for each stage of the employee lifecycle.

Pricing: Although it isn’t provided, it will be based on your company size and particular needs such as onboarding tools, performance management, planning & analytics, and of course, employee engagement tools.


Best For: Companies across different industries looking for an integrated employee learning, development, and appraisal solution.

eloomi's employee engagement tool offers a simple survey to capture employee feedback through multiple choice, sliding scale, and other questions where employees can answer the survey anonymously or not. They also combine engagement with their best-in-class LMS and performance management systems which means you can fully utilize feedback for employee development.


They have a demo you can book before purchasing, but you must contact their Sales team for a quote.


Best For: Companies of all sizes across different industries.

Assembly started out as an employee rewards product and rapidly grew into a comprehensive platform that facilitates employee engagement, project management, and performance management. It allows you to customize and send out all sorts of engagement forms such as pulse surveys, conduct routine standups and 1:1s, track progress, automate employee recognition and receive actionable feedback.

Pricing: (billed annually)

Starter: Free of charge that’s limited to 10 members. Designed for small teams that are interested in employee recognition.

Lite: $2.80 per member per month (billed annually) that’s limited to 50 members. Good for teams that want to maximize their employee engagement.

Standard: $4.50 per member per month (billed annually) without any limits on the number of members on board. It includes all the necessary features for businesses for cross-functional engagement.

Premium: You need to contact their Sales team for a price quote. It is designed for large organizations that need a custom and unique program, with unlimited members on the board.


Best For: Companies that value employee feedback.

WorkTango empowers employees by giving them a voice while giving the decision-makers a pulse of the workforce. While it has a powerful survey platform that supports a different method of engagement analytics and leadership feedback, they aim to improve business outcomes by providing leaders with insights, recommended learnings, and actions powered by employee feedback.

Their software helps organizations tackle key themes in employee engagement, as well as DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and health and wellness. They also work towards improving the employee experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle (onboarding/exit, leadership, occupational health and safety, and mergers and acquisitions alignment.)


Prices are by the number of employees and start at around $5,000. It is best to request a demo from their Sales team.

Four employees answering questions from an employee engagement software

Reward Gateway

Best For: Any company looking to boost its engagement efforts.

If you’re looking to boost employee retention, you can take a look at Reward Gateway’s platform: it combines employee recognition, surveys, communication, discounts (instant vouchers and cashback offers), and analytics in a single solution. Their product offers employee communications, peer-to-peer recognition, automated awards and so much more.


Contact their Sales team to get a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business.

Quantum Workplace

Best For: Companies with more than 100 employees.

Quantum Workplace helps companies to build a strong, performance-based culture through their employee engagement and performance management systems. Manage and improve the experience through engagement and performance management tech such as keeping tabs on what's going on with the company via a social media-like news feed (from the employee perspective).

Their platform lets you see goals for the organization/team/individual and what progress has been made, as well as the recognition that colleagues are getting.


Contact their Sales team to get a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business.


Best For: Large companies

Perceptyx is a comprehensive employee listening platform that features 4 solutions to help you drive employee engagement, gain insights into your company culture, promote inclusion, and deliver better experiences at every stage of the employee lifecycle - all while developing capable leaders. They also simplify survey creation with their library of more than 250 benchmarked questions.


Contact their Sales team to get a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business.


Best For: Companies of all sizes

Officevibe helps companies to measure employee satisfaction through pulse surveys, then provides them with guidance on how they can improve the work environment and culture. They also have several pre-made templates and questions to ease the survey creation process. It also offers features for poll creation, reporting, 1:1s planning, scheduling, and more.


Basic: Free of charge for 1 team with up to 10 users

Premium: $4 per user per month with unlimited teams

Organization: Designed for larger teams and has custom pricing; contact their Sales team to get a quote.


Best For: Small to large companies

Reflektive’s software offers all the tools you need to analyze the drive employee engagement and performance and is used by several Fortune 500 companies. Their platform allows you to measure and track OKRs, 1:1’s, real-time employee engagement, etc.


They have a free product demo but do not publicly disclose pricing. You must contact a sales representative.


Best For: Large and enterprise-sized organizations who can make use of the nitty gritty people planning features.

Not only is Peakon a great employee engagement solution, but it also has a ton of analytical functionality that makes it great for people planning too.

Peakon is a great employee engagement solution; focused on allowing organizations to make better people's decisions with tons of analytical functionality. Their platform includes real-time management training modules that are suggested based on employee data.  


Essential: The basic plan offers baseline engagement features, a mobile app, and 24-hour online support. ‍

Business: Provides everything from the Essential plan, with the addition of personalized benchmarking, custom insights, action plans, and HRIS integrations. You'd also have a dedicated Customer Success consultant!

Premier: You'll receive everything previously mentioned, plus micro-learning sessions, attrition prediction, hierarchy mapping, business impact metrics, and unlimited custom dashboards. You all have extended Customer Success support and change management training.

The price isn’t shown since you have to contact a sales representative for the cost details.


Best For: Companies looking for extremely in-depth analytics with their employee engagement platform.

Glint helps companies measure employee sentiment in real-time, with customizable surveys spanning employee engagement, effectiveness, lifecycle, culture, diversity, and inclusion.


Contact their Sales team to get a custom quote based on the size and needs of your business. They also have a free demo you can try before purchasing.


Best For: Teams of all sizes, from 10 to 10,000.

Tinypulse’s employee engagement software allows managers to have a holistic understanding of their organization to cut down on unexpected employee departures, build the right culture, and increase performance. You can rely on TinyPulse's platform to cover your culture-building and performance-management needs.


Pricing must be negotiated with their sales team. They have a chatbot that makes it easy to provide company details to receive a quote in your email.


Best For: Companies that want to diagnose engagement issues with more than just software alone. They team your company up with their "People Insights Consultants" to help you make sense of the data.

Emplify uses a data-driven methodology to understand the state of engagement in the organization and then uses their dedicated engagement strategists and manager coaches to help organizations action this data. They measure 14 drivers of employee engagement, helping company leadership understand and solve underlying engagement problems.


Based on the employee count and is billed annually. You must contact their sales team to negotiate actual numbers.


Best For: Businesses of all sizes but one of their packages is marketed specifically towards companies with 200 - 1000 employees.

CultureAmp is an all-encompassing employee engagement suite that runs the gamut from engagement to performance management to education to coaching. They have over 30 science‑backed and customizable survey templates, detailed analytics, and more, to help companies keep their employees engaged.


Self-starter: Designed for 25-200 employees. Includes all Engagement and Performance features. Limited HRIS integrations. Group coaching and education. Coaching and education features include survey design review, project working sessions, and demographic mapping under education.

Standard: Designed for 200-1000 employees. Includes all the features from Self-starter. All HRIS integrations. Adds one-on-one Coaching features, including feedback strategy review, project planning, and results & report sharing follow-up. Group Education features.

Enterprise: Designed for 1000+ employees. Includes all Standard features. One-on-one Coaching and Education features, including meetings with a Success coach, action guidance, management training, and People Scientist insights.

You may also purchase the employee engagement or performance management modules individually. You must contact a representative for exact pricing.

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