Corporate Gifting Laws

It’s great to give gifts to your employees & customers, but there are certain industries that have specific regulations around the giving and reporting of gifts.
Corporate Gifting Laws
For example, the S.E.C. has clearly established regulations around what financial services professionals can accept. These rules were established back in 1940, but have been clarified and updated since that time.

Certain items like food, plaques and other gifts are excluded for government employees.

The guidelines around gifting in the pharmaceutical and medical industries have evolved over time. Drug and device manufacturers are now required under the Sunshine Act to submit data annually to the government, reporting any money paid to physicians or the monetary value of gifts.

If you’re a recipient, make sure you thoroughly understand both the law and company policies around accepting and reporting gifts. Check with a lawyer or accountant if you’re unclear. And, as with everything, check with your company’s own HR or finance department to understand the laws and policies that apply to you.

With that in mind, who and what can you give when it comes to Corporate Gift-Giving?

Play safe. When in doubt, be cautious and frugal You can set the price limit to as low as $25 in some organizations. Some larger companies have clear and specific gift policies as part of their codes of conduct.

Some gift that meets many of these criteria include:

Shareable items

Like cookies, cupcakes, or even a team lunch. That way, an entire department can enjoy your gift and build brand awareness.

Charitable gifts

Especially if they tie to a cause that the recipient’s company is passionate about.

Fun, unique, and low-cost items

Coffee gift cards are usually a safe bet, as are fun and useful gifts like customized socks. They are personal and often unexpected but deliver a “wow” factor.


Tickets to an event, a workshop, or a fitness class accompanied by a small token of gratitude can be powerful if you are accompanying the client or prospect.

When in doubt, always ask! It’s important to make your research around gift giving, especially with policies & the limits if you’re giving it to large companies.

Once you’re all set - give them away all year round and it will be appreciated!

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