Top Employee Birthday Reminder Software

A birthday signifies one’s first day in life and the joy that comes with living. It’s thus a momentous occasion and one of the biggest personal annual landmarks.
Top Employee Birthday Reminder Software
But because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, one can easily forget their or a friend’s big day. And that’s where software for birthday reminders helps.

This is what this software does: You simply set up your annual important birthday dates and the software will take care of the rest.

Birthday reminders are only helpful if they make you take action. When it comes to birthday reminders in the workplace, we should be similarly thoughtful about how to set them up. We need to think about what framework will drive the right actions at the right times.

How do I set birthday reminders on my team?

For workplace birthday reminders, you should use a tool where you can guarantee that they will be read. Ideally, it's a spot where you can also filter reminders to go to the right people. Don't make Jim waste time noting it's Osman's birthday when the cross-department co-workers have never met.

What birthday reminders should you set up?

For a manager: Set a reminder for a manager a week in advance, giving them time to make the day special with a gift, card, or birthday treat. Then remind them once again when the day comes.

For teammates: Remind teammates of the birthday person on the morning of the birthday.

For relevant stakeholders: Before a birthday, prompt a manager to select the birthday person's friends, colleagues, and teammates who might be interested in knowing about the birthday. Spin up an automated temporary Slack channel to remind the group about the birthday and let them coordinate.

For leaders:  A birthday message from a company leader can be particularly impactful. Set up a simple direct message to the CEO or relevant department head to give them a chance to recognize an employee's birthday if they get the chance.

For the People Ops Coordinator: If you are the type of team that likes to celebrate in the office together, remind yourself a week before the birthday to get started on the preparations.

What is the best app for birthday reminders?


Bridge the gap between your in-office and remote team members. Afino helps your team build trust, spark conversation, and feel a sense of belonging. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hires are celebrated with a personal touch to strengthen connections within your team.

Afino Birthday Software

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a very popular calendar app that can be easily used as a birthday reminder for your employees. Simply create an event, set it to recur, and choose its date and time. You can also ask him to remind you at some point before you set the reminder. It's easy to collaborate with team members by simply sending an invitation to their Gmail ID. Using Google Calendar offers other advantages over traditional birthday reminder apps. You can use it for any event or purpose, whether personal or professional.


The HIP will not only sync birthdays from your contacts but also from calendars, and Facebook. The HIP will remind you in advance to wish the person, recommend gift ideas, and send e-greeting cards. There are separate options for reminders like calls, texts, gifts, parties, and so on.

One neat feature is to share the details of an upcoming birthday event with others in your contact list which is helpful if you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party. You can add notes too, for when you want to make a list of items to buy for the party. Other features like zodiac signs and age are all there.


hbd (short for happy birthday) like other birthday reminder apps, will import data from multiple sources including contacts and calendars – of course manual entry option is also present.

But what separates hbd from others is it allows you to save up to 5 birthdays before you need to upgrade. hbd lets you add 30. There are also no ads in hbd. You will have to get the pro version which starts at around $10 a year to get the most out of the app. So, if you are ready to pay for a good birthday reminder app, check out hdb.


IFTTT is a crazy powerful tool that you can use to connect with hundreds of apps, services, and websites. It comes with recipes for every service out there like social media sites, SaaS products, smart home appliances, Google Calendar, and so on. There is also a time and reminder recipe that you can use to set reminders for important events and dates that you can use to set birthday reminders. You can also use IFTTT with Google Calendar to get birthday notifications and send automated messages via Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and more.

Greeting Cards & Wishes

123Greetings specializes in creating and sending greeting cards to your employees on their birthdays. It will not only help you remember birthdays but also send cards that you have pre-selected automatically. Just in case you forget the big day yourself.

You can choose a card from a catalog of more than 40 thousand collections for every occasion. Because no event is complete without posting pics on social media, the app can share chosen cards on your account.

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