25+ Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities

Let the magic of the outdoors unleash the full potential of your team. Check out 25+ fun outdoor team-building activities here.
25+ Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities
Keeping work teams happy, engaged and productive is a challenge that companies must learn how to face.

Employers are driven by basic factors of human nature, and most of us love to enjoy the outside.

According to the Washington Post, people who spend more doing outdoor activities live more fulfilling lives. Today, we are going to show you 25+ engaging and fun outdoor team building activities to unleash the true potential of your team members.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Games and Activities

Outdoor group activities power healthy habits and good moods of people in a fun way (MYFCPH.org). 

By using this information, we can set up an outdoor team building event that has a positive effect on our team members.

A fun outdoor group activity helps to improve team bonding, communication, and teamwork skills. When time is limited, or when companies run a remote team rather than an office team, doing 5-minute team building activities is a good choice too.

But if you can make a window for an outdoor team building activity, then the benefits will positively impact your whole work environment. Let’s take a look at some benefits of outdoor team building exercises and games backed up by official sources.

1. Reduce Stress

Statistics show that 83% of workers in the United States suffer from work-related stress.

Sometimes, avoiding stress at work is unavoidable. Implementing outdoor team activities helps both small teams and big teams to reduce stress levels in a natural and efficient way.

2. Improve Collaboration and Communication

Playing an outdoor team building game with your workers helps team members to develop mutual collaboration and communication skills.

More than 75% of employers rate teamwork and communication as “very important” (Queens University of Charlotte).

All the challenges that require team members to collaborate with each other will provide the entire team with great benefits in the medium term.

3. Boost Office Productivity 

Research shows more than three quarters of employers have ever left a job due to poor workplace culture.

Your team members are not robots - they are human, and we, as humans, must be kept entertained and happy to be productive. 

The best outdoor team building events boost workplace culture and morale, which is something that all companies need.

4. Create Long Lasting Motivation 

According to Forbes, companies that continuously motivate their workers see a 27% boost in their profits.

There are different ways to motivate a team member, but keeping up the motivation for long periods of time is extremely difficult.

Going through exciting challenges in the great outdoors provides your workers with an extremely rewarding experience that creates long-lasting motivation.

5. Improve Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), poor working environments with excessive workloads, no life-work balance, and inequity, are a big threat to an employer's mental health.

Finding the perfect balance between “work” and “life” is something many companies struggle with. Team building outdoor events help your team members to have mental breaks from usually overwhelming job duties.

25+ Fun Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor team building games are beneficial whether you run a remote team, small team, or big team.

Participating in outdoor team building activities will improve communication skills, boost team spirit, and develop problem-solving skills of your team members in an entertaining and efficient way.

These outdoor team building ideas will help you choose your office’s next team building event. Let the fun begin!

A group doing an outdoor City Hunt

1. Scavenger Hunt

Activities like Scavenger Hunts and Amazing Race are great for introducing new team members and improving the problem-solving skills of existing members of the team.

Similar to City Hunt, you can do an outdoor Scavenger Hunt practically everywhere, which makes it one of the best team building outdoor team activities to choose from. 

  • Best For: Medium-sized and small groups.
  • What You Will Need: An outdoor space and objects to collect through the Scavenger Hunt.
  • How to Play: Create a list of items to collect for the Scavenger Hunts. Divide team members into two teams and set a time limit to collect the objects. You can create tailored Scavenger Hunts related to your office to play outdoors.

2. Random Act of Kindness

Giving is a powerful feeling that makes people feel good and improves team bonding in natural ways - our Help Bus is great example here

In this outdoor game, teams need to go outside and perform acts of kindness toward strangers or people they find around.

  • Best For: All kinds of teams.
  • What You Will Need: Nothing but kindness.
  • How to Play: In this team building activity, each team member go outside and perform at least one random act of kindness (giving a hug, helping someone, etc.). There are no winners here - everybody will be victorious, regardless of the act of kindness they decide to perform.

3. Paintball

Paintball is a fun game to play with your friends during your free time, but it can also be a great outdoor team building activity if your workers are up to it.

  • Best For: Small teams that enjoy adrenaline boosts.
  • What You Will Need: A nearby paintball arena to rent.
  • How to Play: Go to the Paintball Arena, divide your members into two teams, and the first team that takes out the other team wins.

4. Go-Kart

Kart racing centers are thrilling, enjoyable, and really fun. They often present teams with a challenging environment that won’t be easy to sort out, but it is highly rewarding when you finally do so.

  • Best For: All kinds of teams.
  • What You Will Need: A local Go-Kart center to go to.
  • How to Play: Go to your local Kart Racing Center and start a friendly competition between team members. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

5. Survivors

It’s time to unleash the most primitive side of your teammates with “Survivors”! Survivors is an original team experience inspired by the popular “Survivors” TV Show.

Coworkers will need to learn how to cooperate and work as one if they want to overcome all the challenges ahead.

  • Best For: Groups from 20 to 100+ people.
  • What You Will Need: Teamland’s Survivors Experience.
  • How to Play: Divide your work group into teams or tribes - originality is key here. The tribes will face multiple physical, problem-solving, and fun challenges; the team with the most points will be crowned as Teamland’s Survivors Champions!

6. Relaxing Picnic

Not all outdoor team building activities have to be thrilling and full of fun - instead, you can go on a relaxing outdoor team building event, such as a picnic.

  • Best For: Small groups looking to relax.
  • What You Will Need: A nice place with fresh air, nature, and delicious, healthy food.
  • How to Play: Find a nice spot for a picnic, ask your team members to bring healthy and tasty food, and take a break from the hassle of the city - their mental health will certainly appreciate it.

7. Camping Trip

Organizing a camping trip is not always easy, but it is an outdoor team building activity worth the trouble.

Connecting with nature, playing fun outdoor games, and relaxing for a while are some of the main benefits of camping trips for team members.

  • Best For: Small and medium groups looking to relax.
  • What You Will Need: A good location to camp, enough food, water, and camping equipment.
  • How to Play: Find a good campaign spot, and ask team members to bring food, water, and equipment. Sing together, laugh, tell stories, roast marshmallows at campfires, and more.

8. Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are thrilling and fun activities that many team members enjoy. Although most obstacle courses are individual, which means that just one person will win, they are a great way to test team members’ physical abilities.

  • Best For: All kinds of teams.
  • What You Will Need: A local Obstacle Course Arena that you can go to or materials to make your own obstacle course in a parking lot or an open space.
  • How to Play: Start a friendly competition throughout the course - whoever gets to the finish line first wins!

9. Go On a Brew or Wine Tour

Are there beer or wine lovers on your team? Go on a brew or wine tour together! Ensure that team members are comfortable with drinking alcohol before you choose this outdoor team building activity.

  • Best For: Small groups that enjoy wine and beer.
  • What You Will Need: A local beer brew location or winery to go to.
  • How to Play: Go to the winery or beer brew location with your team. Taste the different types of beer or wine and decide together your favorite ones.
Group doing outdoor team building activity

10. Assemble a Puzzle

Making the best of the benefits of puzzles for adults is always a great idea. You can get a big puzzle to assemble with your team in outdoor locations.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized groups.
  • What You Will Need: A big puzzle of, at least, 20,000 pieces.

How to Play: Assemble the puzzle together - each team member will be in charge of a part of the puzzle that will later be entirely completed with teamwork and communication.

11. Go to an Escape Room

There are more than 1,900 Escape Room Facilities in the United States. Escape Rooms promote communication skills while rewarding team members for completing rather complicated tasks.

  • Best For: Medium and small-sized groups.
  • What You Will Need: A local Escape Room facility to visit.
  • How to Play: Go to the Escape Room location and solve the different puzzles and riddles together as just one team.

12. Play Volleyball or Beach Ball

Playing volleyball is not as hard as playing other sports (Office Olympics anyone?). If your team is located in a city with beaches, then going on a beach volleyball trip will certainly be a great experience.

  • Best For: All kinds of teams.
  • What You Will Need: A volleyball ball and court.
  • How to Play: Follow the basic rules of this famous outdoor game and divide team members into two teams. Losers have to buy ice cream or drinks for the winning team!

13. Plant Trees

Planting trees is a rewarding activity that shows us the meaning of patience and love for nature.

It is worth noting that you need to learn about the tree-planting regulations in your area before planting trees with your team members.

  • Best For: All kinds of teams.
  • What You Will Need: Tree planting instructions, seeds, and gardening materials.
  • How to Play: Comply with local regulations regarding tree planting activities, go to a spot to plant the trees, and spend the day creating a new life with your team members - this will forge a bond that will last for years.

14. Explore Nature and Botanical Gardens

Many cities have botanical gardens and parks where people can go to learn more about nature and phytology. If your team members are passionate about plants, then this is one of the best outdoor team building activities to experience. 

  • Best For: Small groups interested in botany.
  • What You Will Need: A local botanical garden or natural park to visit.
  • How to Play: Go to the botanical garden location and complete the tour. Organize a small trivia that you can play once the tour ends.

15. Go to a Concert

Experiencing an outdoor concert with your team members is one of the best outdoor team building activities that you can do, mostly if they are all into the music genre of the concert.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized groups.
  • What You Will Need: A local concert or music presentation in your city.
  • How to Play: Go to the concert with your team members, have a great time, and, at the end of the show, prepare a couple of trivia questions to make things even more fun. 

16. Build a Snowman

If your team is located in a cold city, then worry not - you can make a snowman-building contest together.

  • Best For: Small groups.
  • What You Will Need: Snow! 
  • How to Play: Ask your team members to form in pairs. Set a time limit for the contest, and whoever builds the best snowman will win.

17. Go Horse Riding

Some cities have ranches and places where you can go horse riding in a safe and unique way. 

  • Best For: Small teams.
  • What You Will Need: A horse riding location with open fields, fresh air, and horse riding instructors.
  • How to Play: Go to the horse riding location with your team members. Ask instructors for help and enjoy the outdoors together.

18. Play a Sports Game

Some sports are harder than others, so it is important to know your team so you can select a sport that suits them all. A friendly competition of football, soccer, and basketball will always be a great outdoor group activity.

  • Best For: Small teams interested in sports.
  • What You Will Need: A location to play your team’s preferred sport.
  • How to Play: Go to the location of the sport you choose (tennis court, football field, soccer field, and more), divide your members into two teams, and let the rumble begin!

19. Tug of War

A good old Tug of War competition brings out the most primitive side of us! Rope pulling is not easy, so make sure that your team has the ability to participate in this activity before you go for it.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized teams with good physical conditions.
  • What You Will Need: A rope.
  • How to Play: Divide your team members into two teams and make them pull the rope against each other. This game can be a little rough, so consider the necessary precautions.

20. Go to a Cooking Class

Cooking is relaxing, fun, and delicious. Enjoying an outdoor cooking class has great team building benefits for you and your coworkers.

  • Best For: Small groups.
  • What You Will Need: A place to cook, food ingredients, and recipes to follow.
  • How to Play: Choose a food recipe that requires all team members to participate. Cook the food together and then eat it with joy.

21. Yoga Sessions

Although yoga sessions don’t necessarily have to be outdoors, many groups go outside to feel the sun bathing their skin while doing some relaxing yoga positions.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized teams interested in yoga activities. 
  • What You Will Need: A yoga instructor or a simple yoga tutorial to follow.
  • How to Play: Follow the yoga instructor’s indications and participate together in the yoga session.

22. Play a Nerf Battle

If you don’t want to play paintball, there’s a second alternative that hurts way less: Nerf guns!

  • Best For: All kinds of groups.
  • What You Will Need: Nerf guns for all team members.
  • How to Play: Go to an outdoor location where you don’t bother anyone, and start Nerf battles against each other.

23. Ride Canoes or Kayaks

If you are up to adventure, enjoying a canoe or kayak trip down a river is one of the best outdoor team building activities to participate in.

  • Best For: Small groups and adrenaline seekers.
  • What You Will Need: A location to ride kayaks or canoes.
  • How to Play: Follow the kayak or canoe instructions by professionals and get an adrenaline rush while exploring marvelous rivers.

24. Play Outdoor Chess

Outdoor chess is really fun and helps team members to develop their strategic skills together.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized groups.
  • What You Will Need: A local outdoor chess location or materials to make your own outdoor chess board in a parking lot or an open space.
  • How to Play: Use the big outdoor chess pieces to play chess against each other. 

25. Go On a Neon Run

Neon Runs are fun activities to do during the night. If your team wants to stay healthy and entertained, then going on Neon Run is a great idea for outdoor team activities. 

  • Best For: All kinds of groups.
  • What You Will Need: Neon clothing and a place to run.
  • How to Play: Dress with Neon colors and go together on a race without winners.

BONUS: Help Animals in a Shelter

Outdoor team building activities can be tailored to help others too, including dogs and cats. 

  • Best For: All kinds of groups
  • What You Will Need: The address of a local animal shelter, pet food, and the willingness to help.
  • How to Play: Go to an animal shelter, help the shelter personnel, and work as a team to make the lives of unfortunate animals a little happier. 

With these 25+ fun outdoor team building ideas, you can make your next team event a memorable and effective one. So, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors with your team!

Looking for more activities, see our Teamland outdoor team activities list.

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