March 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas

As the first month of Spring, here are some team-building activities & ideas for you.
March 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas
It’s Spring! March is the first month of Spring and it brings new beginnings. This is the perfect month for you to get to know your team and learn more about them. Here you’ll find different team-building activities:

March 1 - Barista Day

Let’s give honor to our baristas on this day and enjoy one of their freshly prepared coffee drinks. Feel free to visit your favorite coffee shop with the team or let your barista choose the drinks for everyone. Of course, you can also take a coffee class with the team to learn and master the art of making coffee!

March 4 - Employee Appreciation Day

Let’s focus our attention on our employees on this day and recognize how important they are! Show your gratitude and appreciation for all the work they do by sending them a gift box full of goodies to let them know. You can also hold a special event for the team on this day, have a pizza party or have a virtual game. 

March 6 - White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Today’s another excuse to grab that sweet dessert. Choose your favorite cheesecake flavors or learn how to make one with your team with our baking class. Get to know the different ways to make them: no-bake, bake, with raspberry or blueberries with our expert baker. Of course, you get to treat yourselves by eating them at the end of the class!

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day

Remember to wear green on this day. We at Teamland have different activities for you and your team to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

  • A cooking class to learn how to create an Irish feast
  • A beer-tasting event and have a pint of glass with the team
  • Of course, dress up and have fun while being dressed as a leprechaun!

March 20 - International Day of Happiness

Did you know that some studies show that laughter relieves tension and helps people relax? That’s why on this day, celebrate the happiness and spread positivity. Have some fun with your team with our activities to help ease some tension at work and get loose!

March 21 - World Poetry Day

Poetry today can be considered a dying art with our ever-evolving technology. But on this day, we celebrate poets and how poetry inspired and connected people. We at Teamland have an improvisation class to take you and your team’s poetry skills to the test. Unleash your creativity, and build connections and strong relationships with your colleagues.

March 23 - Chip and Dip Day

Chip and dip are easy to make and you can enjoy it on just about any occasion. We have our cooking class for you and your team to learn how they are made around the world! Choose from a variety of chips and pair them with dozens of dips. Mix and match and get to eat with the team by the end of the class.

March 24 - Cocktail Day

Celebrate all your favorite cocktails on this day! Explore cocktail ingredients with our cocktail class and learn how to make one with the team. Learn the finer elements of mixing cocktails with our expert bartender and improve your skills. You also get to savor the cocktail you made at the end of the class!

March 31 - Crayon Day

Filling out coloring books can be relaxing and takes you away from the real world (even as an adult). On this day, grab your crayons and color away! You can also take a drawing class with the team with our drawing class - frame it up and hang it up once you’re done and show off your masterpiece.

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