20 Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Work

Find the best creative scavenger hunt ideas for work to promote team morale and bonding and inject fun into your corporate events. Try them now!
20 Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Work
No matter your age, some games just never get old, and a good old scavenger hunt is one of them. These games are just some of the most invigorating yet hilarious ways to build good bonds within your team.

So the next time you give a scavenger hunt idea a second thought, you should know that people happen to love them, and why not? A recent survey found that 61% of leaders noticed an improvement in team morale following team-building activities. Additionally, employees in companies that invest more than $25 per person per month in team-building activities report higher morale compared to those in companies with lower investments​​.

The best thing about these fun scavenger hunt ideas is that they manage to get you out of the office, dilly-dally around, and interact with your surroundings. You can get started and make them a part of your team-building routine without having to invest a lot of resources.

There is something for everyone, regardless of their skill set, which means everyone can enjoy themselves, regardless of how easy or difficult it is. You can think of them as small treasure hunts, and who could say no?

And if you’ve never had a go at a scavenger hunt, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered 20 fun scavenger hunt ideas for your next hunt. Let’s get started!

1. Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage scavenger hunt

Number one on our list of the most fun scavenger hunt ideas is your very own Corporate Espionage. This thrilling scavenger hunt turns participants into undercover agents tasked with gathering intel on competitors. Teams must solve puzzles, decode messages, and complete covert operations to gather vital information before time runs out.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The excitement of corporate espionage and the rush of outsmarting competitors make this a high-stakes and engaging challenge.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Industrial Sabotage. Teams can compete to either protect their company’s secrets or to infiltrate and steal secrets from rival companies. Include tasks like intercepting "confidential" documents, decoding encrypted messages, and conducting "surveillance" on other teams.

2. Survivor Challenge

Survivor Challenge scavenger hunt

Inspired by the TV show, this scavenger hunt involves teams completing physical and mental challenges to earn points and avoid "elimination."

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The combination of physical and strategic challenges keeps participants engaged and on their toes.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Island Survival. Add elements like building a shelter, finding food, and making fire to make the experience more immersive. Teams can also compete in mini-challenges like obstacle courses and puzzles that test their survival skills.

Incorporate Teamland Activity: Integrate Teamland’s Survivor Games experience to enhance the scavenger hunt with professionally designed challenges. This will ensure a structured and engaging event that mirrors the intensity and excitement of the TV show.

3. Time Traveler's Quest

Up next on our scavenger hunt list: Participants are sent on an adventure through various historical periods, completing era-specific challenges and solving puzzles to navigate their way back to the present.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: Traveling through time and experiencing different historical contexts adds a unique and educational twist to the scavenger hunt.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Historical Mysteries. Each era could involve solving a mystery relevant to that period, like finding the missing pages of Da Vinci's journal, deciphering ancient hieroglyphics, or locating a lost World War II artifact.

4. Mystery Mansion

Who doesn’t love a good who-dun-it mystery? This idea on our scavenger hunt list could be a spin-off of the Glass Onion or Knives Out madness. In this scavenger hunt idea, teams explore a virtual or physical haunted mansion, solving spooky puzzles to uncover a family secret or to escape a deadly fate.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The eerie setting and suspenseful challenges create an exciting and memorable experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Paranormal Investigation. Teams can use ghost-hunting tools and techniques to solve supernatural mysteries within the mansion. Include tasks like capturing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), finding hidden symbols, and piecing together the mansion's haunted history.

5. Zoo Exploration

The fifth spot on our list of fun scavenger hunt ideas goes to Zoo Exploration. The zoo offers a captivating escape from the routine, allowing adults to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of wildlife. In this game, participants will embark on an exploration of the zoo, engaging in interactive activities and discovering intriguing facts about diverse animal species.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: Engaging in tasks like imitating monkeys, feeding giraffes, and identifying endangered species encourages participants to appreciate the beauty and importance of wildlife conservation.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: They'll have a list of things to find and do, like spotting certain animals, taking funny photos, or learning facts about different species. It'll be like a wild scavenger hunt at the zoo!

6. Art Heist

Art Heist scavenger hunt

Teams play as art thieves or detectives, racing against time to either steal or recover priceless works of art.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The heist theme and the race against time create a thrilling and competitive atmosphere. Perfect for an on-site activity.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: International Intrigue. Set the heist in famous museums around the world, adding a global twist to the adventure. Include challenges like solving art puzzles, riddles, photo challenges, or mini-games that participants must complete to move on.

7. Superhero Academy

Participants complete training missions and challenges to earn their superhero status and save the day from a looming threat.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The superhero theme and the opportunity to "save the day" make this an exciting and empowering experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Villain Invasion. Introduce supervillains that teams must defeat to complete their training. 

Example: Stop the Office Supply Bandit!

  • Objective: There's a new bad guy in the building who's been stealing and hoarding office supplies. The villain Iron Grip is stockpiling resources to strengthen his forces. Disrupt his supply chain.
  • Challenge: Engage in a physical scavenger hunt to find and "destroy" hidden supplies within the office environment. Look for clues in unusual places like the break room, behind potted plants, and under desks.
  • Fun Twist: Each hidden supply has a fun riddle or puzzle attached that must be solved before it can be "destroyed."

8. Wild West Adventure

Wild West Adventure scavenger hunt

Let’s take the game outside with this outdoor scavenger hunt idea. Teams set out in the wilderness on a quest in a Western setting, hunting for treasure and outsmarting rival outlaws.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The Western theme and the quest for treasure provide a fun and adventurous backdrop.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Gold Rush. Focus the hunt on finding gold nuggets hidden in various locations. Include tasks like panning for gold, deciphering treasure maps, and outwitting bandits.

Incorporate Teamland Activity: Integrate Teamland’s City Hunt activity to enhance the Wild West Adventure. This will add a structured and interactive element, ensuring a professionally organized scavenger hunt that leverages the excitement of exploring and completing tasks.

9. Zombie Apocalypse

Teams solve survival puzzles and gather resources to escape or fight off a zombie invasion. In a world overrun by zombies, your mission is to navigate through designated safe zones, find the secret cure, and save humanity. Teams will encounter challenges that require bravery, strategy, and teamwork.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The zombie theme and survival challenges create a thrilling and immersive experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Safe Zones. The ultimate goal is to find the secret cure without getting bitten, uncover clues leading to the cure, and identify the zombie with the good cells. Safe zones will allow teams to regroup and strategize, making sure everyone is prepared for the next challenge. Good luck, and may the best team save the world!

10. Undercover Agent

Undercover Agent scavenger hunt

Participants assume secret agent roles, completing covert missions and avoiding detection by rival spies.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The espionage theme and covert missions offer a mix of strategy and stealth.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Double Agents. Introduce the twist of double agents within the teams, adding an element of intrigue and suspicion. Include tasks like bugging rooms, decrypting messages, and conducting covert surveillance.

11. Beach Hunt

Experience the thrill of the Beach Hunt—a top-tier summer scavenger hunt for adults. Bask in the sun while forging bonds with your team amidst the sandy shores. Plan a memorable day trip to the beach, where participants can scour the coastline for listed treasures, capturing them in shared snapshots.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: Against the backdrop of sun-kissed shores, participants revel in the joy of exploration while deepening connections with their fellow teammates. The quest for hidden treasures and the shared triumphs under the azure sky create lasting memories and moments of sheer bliss.

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Create a series of clues or riddles that will lead teams to various locations on the beach.
  • Provide each team with a map of the beach marked with the locations they need to visit. 
  • At each location, hide a small token or object that teams need to collect as proof of their visit. 

12. Netflix Marathon Hunt

A Netflix Marathon Scavenger Hunt brings the excitement of binge-watching your favorite shows into a dynamic and interactive adventure. This scavenger hunt takes the traditional concept of a movie marathon and elevates it by adding layers of mystery, challenge, and teamwork. Participants watch different cult-favourites, solving clues and completing tasks inspired by iconic scenes and characters. 

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: Participants relive their favorite series, discover new ones, and bond over shared experiences.

Sample Challenges

  • Stranger Things Upside Down Search
  • The Crown Royal Hunt:
  • Narcos Drug Bust
  • Black Mirror Tech Trial
  • The Witcher Monster Hunt

13. Detective Noir

Teams step into a 1940s noir setting, solving a mystery involving crime bosses and femme fatales.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The noir theme and detective work provide a stylish and intriguing experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Murder Mystery. Focus the hunt on solving a murder case with clues scattered throughout the setting. Include tasks like interrogating suspects, analyzing forensic evidence, and piecing together alibis.

14. Eco Warriors

Up next is one our most  favourite outdoor scavenger hunt ideas in which participants engage in environmental-themed challenges, solving clues to save endangered species and promote sustainability.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The eco-friendly theme and conservation challenges offer a meaningful and impactful experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Climate Crisis. Focus the hunt on solving problems related to climate change and sustainability. Include tasks like planting trees, cleaning up pollution, and promoting renewable energy solutions. 

Explore Teamland’s 

15. Culinary Adventure

Teams gather ingredients and solve cooking challenges, culminating in a final cook-off or presentation.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The culinary theme and cooking challenges provide a delicious and creative experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Global Cuisine. Focus the hunt on finding ingredients and recipes from different cultures around the world. Include tasks like preparing traditional dishes, learning cooking techniques, and presenting cultural food trivia.

16. Pirate Treasure Hunt

Participants follow a treasure map, solving nautical puzzles and facing pirate-themed challenges to find hidden loot.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The pirate theme and treasure hunt provide an adventurous and swashbuckling experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Lost Shipwreck. Focus the hunt on finding the location of a legendary lost shipwreck. Include tasks like diving for clues, navigating by the stars, and deciphering pirate codes.

17. Carnival Capers

Carnival Capers scavenger hunt

Teams navigate a virtual or physical carnival, completing games and challenges to earn points and prizes.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The carnival theme and fun games create a lively and entertaining experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Circus Performers. Include challenges related to circus acts and performances, like juggling, acrobatics, and clown routines.

Incorporate Teamland Activity: Integrate Teamland’s Carnival Games experience to add a professional touch to your scavenger hunt. Teamland offers a variety of engaging and interactive carnival games that can be included in the hunt to make it more immersive and fun.

18. Wizarding World

Inspired by the Harry Potter universe, teams solve magical puzzles and complete tasks to earn their place at a wizarding school.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The magical theme and enchanting tasks provide a whimsical and immersive experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: House Competition. Divide participants into different houses and have them compete for the house cup. Include tasks like potion brewing, spell casting, and magical creature care.

19. Cyber Sleuths

Participants solve cyber-related puzzles, hacking challenges, and digital clues to thwart a virtual threat.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The cyber theme and tech-based challenges provide a modern and engaging experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Virtual Heist. Focus the hunt on preventing a digital heist orchestrated by a fictional cybercriminal organization. Participants will need to use their wits and technical know-how to stop the hackers before they can steal sensitive data or funds.

20. Hollywood Heist

Hollywood Heist scavenger heist

Teams navigate a movie set, solving clues and completing movie-themed tasks to recover stolen film reels or secrets.

Why this is a fun scavenger hunt idea: The glitz and glamor of Hollywood, combined with the suspense of a heist, create a thrilling and cinematic experience.

Make this scavenger hunt unique with a theme: Movie Magic. Focus the hunt on iconic film scenes and Hollywood trivia. Include tasks like re-enacting famous movie moments, solving behind-the-scenes riddles, and searching for hidden props across the "studio" setting.

If you’ve got a theme of your own and want someone to flawlessly execute it for you, we recommend Teamlands Custom Team Event.

Final Thoughts

Good scavenger hunt ideas can improve critical thinking in your team, promote social interaction, and strengthen problem-solving abilities. These interactive games improve a person's sense of community and help in the development of effective communication skills.  Simply put, scavenger hunt ideas for adults teach teams the value of teamwork.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to inject a little fun into your team events, whether they are outdoor scavenger hunt ideas or something within the bounds of the workplace. Try adding them to the schedule of your upcoming company meeting or team-building retreat instead of organizing them as a stand-alone event. These activities are ideal for bringing together different groups that might not work together frequently because they are a fantastic opportunity for people to get to know one another and discover a new place.

A team-building retreat like this should be planned at least once a year, ideally twice, and should include time for peer recognition, training, leadership updates, and socializing. Let Teamland assist you in developing an outstanding event if you need it. 

Get in touch with us for some creative suggestions on how to plan the ideal team-building retreat for your organization.


What are good things to put on a scavenger hunt?

To assist your participants on their quest, every scavenger hunt needs a few riddles and/or clues. You must create some engaging and thought-provoking riddles or clues for your players to locate the hidden items. Each riddle or clue can advance them towards the goal. Plus some good items to find. Here are a few fun scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Everyday Objects: Pens, paper clips, coffee mugs, sticky notes, etc.
  • Nature Items: Leaves, rocks, flowers, feathers.
  • Specific Colors: Something red, blue, green, etc.
  • Unique Landmarks: Statues, fountains, historical markers.
  • Photographs: A picture with a stranger, a group selfie, a funny face.

What are some good scavenger hunt riddles?

  1. You cut me on a table, but I’ve never eaten. Answer: Deck of cards
  2. I swing open wide and lock up tight when I am outside, I keep the house safe at night. Answer: gate
  3. Watch where you’re walking. If you step on a crack, you might break your mother’s back! Answer: Sidewalk
  4. When you buy me I am black, when you are using me, I am red, when you throw me out, I will be gray. Answer: charcoal
  5. I have keys, but no locks and space, and no rooms. You can enter, but you can’t go outside. Answer: Keyboard
  6. My spine is stiff and my contents are pale. I can always tell a tale. Answer: book
  7. If you find me on the road, you’ll have a decision to make. If you find me in a drawer, you’ll be ready to eat cake. Answer: Fork

What are the common rules for a scavenger hunt?

  • Team Size: Teams should have 4-6 participants to ensure effective collaboration and manageability.
  • Time Limits: Specify the start and end times for the hunt. Tasks completed after the end time may incur point penalties or be disqualified.
  • Task Documentation: Participants must document task completions with photos, videos, or signatures. These are usually submitted through a designated app or platform.
  • Order of Tasks: Clarify whether tasks must be completed in a specific order or if teams can choose their sequence.
  • Geographical Boundaries: Define clear boundaries within which the scavenger hunt takes place (e.g., a park, neighborhood, or building) and list any restricted areas where participants are not allowed.
  • Safety Rules: Emphasize the importance of safety, including following local laws and not taking unnecessary risks.
  • No Interference: Teams should not interfere with the activities of other teams. This includes not hiding items, obstructing tasks, or misleading other participants.
  • Honesty and Fair Play: All tasks must be completed honestly. Cheating, falsifying evidence, or unethical behavior will lead to disqualification.
  • Submission of Results: Specify how and where teams should submit their results, and state the deadline for submission.

What are some good adult fun scavenger hunt ideas for work?

Here are some good scavenger hunt ideas for adults:

  • Photo Hunt: Teams are given a list of items or locations to find and photograph. Take a picture with a local landmark, capture a team selfie in front of a company logo, or find something red in the office.
  • Trivia Hunt: Combine trivia questions with a scavenger hunt. Teams solve trivia to get clues for their next location or item. Answer a question about company history to find the next clue, or solve a riddle to discover the next item.
  • Puzzle Hunt: Teams collect puzzle pieces from different locations and assemble them to reveal a final message or image. Find pieces hidden around the office or local area, each with a clue leading to the next piece.
  • Office Hunt: Focus the hunt within the office, where teams search for specific items or complete tasks related to office activities. Locate the oldest piece of office equipment, find a pen with a specific company logo, or complete a quick desk organization challenge.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Take the hunt outside to a local park or city area, combining physical activity with scavenger hunt fun. Collect leaves from different trees, find a specific statue or monument, or take a group photo at a scenic location.

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