10 Easy Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2024

Employees play a much more important role than your clients and customers.
10 Easy Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2024
There’s nothing that can go wrong with making your employees feel valued and appreciated by giving them gifts.

It will not only make them engaged in the office, but it will also boost productivity and job satisfaction. Picking the gifts may seem easy - and it is - you can give one when they hit a milestone, or to celebrate an event, but if you really want to let them know how much you appreciate them, a bit of planning goes a long way.

So, why is giving them a gift matter and how can you do it right? We recommend the following several best practices:

Create a campaign or budget just as you would when giving sales prospects or marketing gifts. Create an outline of your campaign and plan on how your employees will receive them (for example, they’ll receive it via mail or it’ll be on their desk when they come in to work)

Practice the power of personalization - make it feel like the gift is selected specifically for them which will make a great impression.

Make your gift-giving a year-round effort. It’s expected to give holiday gifts, but something that they receive on an unexpected day (anniversary or birthday) is more impactful for your employees.

10 Gift Ideas for your Employees

Sommelier Wine Tasting

Description: Get virtual and learn how to store, decant, serve, pair, and most importantly, how taste wine like a Sommelier! Select wines are available for delivery.

S'mores Single Serve Stuffer

Kit Includes one 5" x 2.5" Graham Cracker Sheet, one Hershey's® fun size milk chocolate bar (0.5 oz), and one marshmallow

Sound Bath Meditation

Description: A sound bath is a deep listening meditation practice where ambient sounds are used with the intention of accessing therapeutic connections within the listener.

Mini Terrariums DIY Kits

Description: Don’t let a lack of a green thumb or time keep you from filling your home with the beauty of nature. Complete with hangable geometrically shaped housings, this DIY project helps art lovers and would-be gardeners design their own miniature succulent terrariums. Piles of white pebbles set the foundation for your carefully crafted greenery. Faux moss fills each scene with beautifully textured accents, and pieces of soft felt fold down and roll up to become 18 lifelike botanical creations. A colorful addition to walls, windowsills, and desks, this kit provides a relaxing indoor activity, or three thoughtful gifts to share, that will never require watering, repotting, or sunlight.

Sustainable Snacks Chocolate Superfood Snacks

Description: Sustainable Snacks® Mission is to promote public health through better snacking. We craft snacks with bold flavors and unique textures from 100% plant-based ingredients. Our superfood snacks, filled with bites of berries, nuts, spices, and maple syrup-sweetened dark chocolate, are packed with flavor and nutrition. Savor the bold taste of change!

DIY Decorating Cookie Kit

Description: Create your own innovative and delicious Cravory Cookie flavors with our new Cookie Decorating Kits. With two options, a bake and decorating kit, or a pre-baked cookie decorating kit, it's always a fun activity for kids or makes a great gift.

Coffee Box

Description: FOR THE CAFFEINE-CRAZY. This box makes for the perfect office gift or a great pick-me-up for new parents.


1. COFFEE - Whole coffee beans from Hale Coffee. Ethically sourced, direct-trade from farmers, and roasted in Toronto.

2. CHOCOLATE - Starring sweet, smooth, and powerful Espresso Verde organic coffee beans with cashew nuts for a creamy taste.

3. MUG - Stainless steel Thermo 3D® double wall vacuum insulation camp cup with press-lid. Durable painted copper finish. Easy to clean, does not sweat by MiiR.

4. COFFEE SCOOP - Helps measure out the perfect pot of joe.

The Quintessential Gin & Tonic Kit

Description: Stellar ingredients to give you the best quality G&T you will ever taste. Great base ingredients for other cocktails as well!

Welcome Baby Basket

Description: A big bushel basket of sweet, modern gifts to welcome a new baby - Gender Neutral, Modern, Eco-friendly, and Organic!

Tea and Coffee Gift Box Set

Description: Wake up and wind down with this box of delicious local, artisan goods for a perfect morning or night.


1. White porcelain mug

2. Artisan ground coffee by Balzac's Coffee Roasters.

3. Fine mint rooibos tisane by Sloane Fine Tea Merchants

4. Mint chocolate that is ethically sourced and locally roasted in Toronto.

5. Buttery vanilla bean shortbread cookies

6. Organic 100% maple syrup

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