15 Fun Diversity Team Building Activities

Unlock the power of inclusivity with 15 fun team-building activities that celebrate diversity and foster stronger connections among colleagues.
15 Fun Diversity Team Building Activities
Embracing and fostering diversity is not only about acknowledging the diverse backgrounds of a company but about celebrating and being proud of them.

We live in a globalized society - team members from all over the world can now be part of companies in different industries and work together to achieve common goals.

As a result, creating an inclusive workplace is important to keep both in-person and remote teams engaged and proactive.

Today, we'll explore 15 fun diversity team building activities to foster teamwork and break barriers in your company's inclusion efforts.

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3 Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion Activities in the Workplace

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 77% of the U.S. workforce is made up of white people. Latinos, black people, Asians, and other individuals of other ethnicities only make up around 23% of the workforce.

This huge gap represents a barrier for non-white employees, but workplace diversity is a broader term as it can also refer to gender, orientation, and more. These are the three main benefits of implementing inclusion and diversity activities in the workplace.

1. Promote Diversity and Create an Inclusive Environment

As team members are brought close together by participating in a diversity team building activity, they acquire new perspectives, experiences, and cultural understanding about the people they work with.

According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, almost 70% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue in the workplace, which demonstrates why having an inclusive culture is important for companies in different industries.

Companies with a diverse workplace should work on creating a safe space for their employees, which ultimately brings long-term benefits to everyone.

2. Increased Creativity and Innovation

When work teams are diverse, a broader range of ideas, approaches, and experiences are brought together into the workplace.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey titled “Why Diversity Matters,” corporations with employees from different backgrounds (more diverse and inclusive workplaces) tend to outperform their competitors by 35%.

Having a diverse workforce has proven to be an advantage for companies, as individuals with different backgrounds can provide diverse perspectives.

3. Enhanced Morale, Retention, and Team Bonding

Promoting in-person and virtual diversity helps companies to enhance workers’ morale, as they feel more welcomed into their new work environment.

When a company celebrates diversity through diversity team building activities, employees feel they are a real part of the structure of the company.

This promotes team bonding and increases retention rates in businesses that aim to retain talent for longer periods of time.

A survey by Deloitte shows us that almost 50% of employees actively look for diversity and inclusion when choosing between different potential employees.

This means that companies and businesses that promote diversity and create an inclusive environment for everyone are more likely to get top-notch talent and retain people for longer, which is beneficial for the business and team members alike.

How to Choose Fun Cultural Diversity Team Building Activities: 3 Tips

The path to choosing diversity and inclusion activities is not always straightforward and simple.

The ultimate goal of inclusion activities is to promote diversity and teamwork among different cultures, genders, ideas, and races. 

Hence, before choosing a single team building activity with diversity and inclusion goals, check out the following three tips.

1. Understand Your Team’s Diversity Need

Not all team members have the same diversity needs inside the office. For instance, some employees might want their coworkers to make frequent use of inclusive language, whereas others aim at showcasing their own cultural traditions.

Likewise, the diversity needs of a team might change whether we talk about an in-office team or a remote team. It’s important to take a broad look at your team members one by one in order to choose effective diversity and inclusion activities. 

2. Encourage Team Members to Learn About Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity

In order to promote diversity, it is important to choose inclusion activities that resonate with the different backgrounds of team members.

Diversity awareness and sensitivity are among the two most important factors that team members and companies should acknowledge in order to work as a team and sort out different challenges together.

3. Focus on Encouraging Collaboration, Leadership Skills, and Mutual Respect

Mutual respect and collaboration are the cornerstone of effective companies. 

Team members who frequently engage with their coworkers in a physical environment want to feel respected as their voices are heard by everyone.

Diversity and inclusion activities also help individual team members to foster their leadership skills, and as mentioned above, different cultural mindsets positively impact the decision-making process inside companies.

15 Fun Diversity Team Building Activities

The effectiveness of DEI initiatives (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) inside the workplace is one of the biggest advantages that companies can take advantage of.

Inclusion activities promote employee engagement, improve productivity, and make team members feel closer to their coworkers.

Therefore, let’s check out 15 fun diversity team building activities and ideas for both in-office and remote teams around the world. 

1. Guess Who

Guess Who is a great ice-breaking game that can be re-imaged to work as a diversity and inclusion activity.

The activity consists of asking team members (preferably via email) questions based on their culture, personality, and gender.

Some examples of questions are “What’s your favorite dish from your culture?” or “Share a culture or book that celebrates your identity.”

After contacting all team members via an inclusive and diverse questionnaire, gather them in an office or video conferencing platform for remote teams. 

Then, present the questions and answers to the whole team, and let them guess who came up with that specific answer. It’s simple, fun, and helps team members to bond with each other.

  • Best For: Fostering diversity among the entire team.
  • Group Size: Small groups (from 4 to 25 team members).
  • Activity Duration: From 5 minutes to 1 hour, depending on team size.

2. Diversity Flower

Diversity Flower is a light-hearted team building activity where team members can open up and discuss their traits.

Divide participants into two teams, give them a piece of paper where they will draw a flower with petals, and each petal represents a unique trait of each team member.

The two teams will exchange flowers and discuss the different cultural and identity traits of the other team. This helps participants to learn more about the people they work with in a sweet and entertaining way.

  • Best For: Encourage diverse team members to open up with their coworkers.
  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Instant Artist

Instant Artist is an arts-based team building activity where all the materials are provided by Teamland.

The activity consists of creating unique pieces of art using the available materials. Instant Artist has a diversity and inclusion twist as team members can create a work of art based on their cultural identity or orientation.

After finishing the activity, team members show their paintings to others while discussing the potential meaning of the work of art.

By dividing the activity into different works, it is possible to foster communication, teamwork, and further connections among team members from different cultures.

  • Best For: Fostering an inclusive work environment for everyone.
  • Group Size: Medium-sized in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

4. Team Picture Album

Team Picture Album is one of the best diversity and inclusion activities to learn more about the origin stories of all team members.

Each team member needs to bring their own family picture album to the office. If you run a remote team, it’s possible to create a virtual presentation with some pictures to show via virtual meeting platforms.

Then, each member shows from 5 to 10 pictures that are important to them. This may include photos from when they were kids or pictures that remember important moments in their lives.

It’s a way to show their coworkers impactful moments that define their mindset, culture, and diverse preferences.

  • Best For: Learning about the background of diverse employees.
  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 30 minutes to 1 hour.

5. Paint with Pride

Celebrating Pride is one of the best ways to unleash the full potential of LGBTQ+ members, who have been historically oppressed in different work environments.

Paint with Pride is an activity provided by Teamland where participants create works of art to celebrate the diversity in our world.

By painting Pride-related sculptures, paintings, or other works of art, it is possible to foster collaboration and enhance communication among team members.

It doesn't matter if Pride Month has already passed; it's always a good time to celebrate it.

  • Best For: Promoting orientation freedom inside the office.
  • Group Size: Medium-sized in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

6. Disability Awareness Training

Disabled workers are some of the most impacted individuals when it comes to limitations inside the workplace.

Consequently, Disability Awareness Month is one of the most important days on the Diversity Calendar, as it raises awareness of the many difficulties that our coworkers can face in their day-to-day lives.

Listening to real-life stories of employees with disabilities and learning more about the needs and barriers faced by them helps all members to be empathetic toward others.

  • Best For: Understanding the unique perspectives of team members with disability problems.
  • Group Size: All group sizes and types.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.
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7. Anti-Racism & Building Inclusion

Anti-Racism & Building Inclusion is an interactive workshop provided by Teamland. Racism has always been a substantial issue in our society, and by raising awareness about this big problem, coworkers can learn how to raise their voices against racial inequality.

The barriers introduced by systematic racism can be destroyed by listening to what professionals have to say. This workshop is not only highly useful, but it’s also very educational and helps implement better diversity and inclusion procedures inside many different office settings.

  • Best For: Learning from global cultures and different races.
  • Group Size: Small, medium, and large groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 1.5 hours.

8. Diversity Movie Night

Having a movie night is always a great plan to enhance team bonding among coworkers. Now, we can use Teamlan’s online resources to give a nice diversity and inclusion twist to this activity.

Make team members choose their favorite films or TV show episodes related to their own culture or gender.

Then, organize a diversity movie night (in-person or virtual team building activity), so all team members can watch a movie together.

After the movie ends, ask team members to give their thoughts on the movie. Make sure to choose impactful films that focus on important cultural matters.

  • Best For: Discovering different cultures and mindsets through movies.
  • Group Size: Remote and in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 2 to 3 hours.

9. Virtual Drag Bingo

There’s nothing more fun than a bingo night - well, there is: virtual drag bingo! Virtual drag bingo is an activity provided by Teamland that consists of a classic bingo night but with a drag queen host.

The host promotes respect toward each other by teaching team members about the wide variety of genders out there.

The activity is also very fun, as the drag queen hosts open and close the bingo night with a highly entertaining and enjoyable music performance.

  • Best For: Having fun and fostering great workplace culture.
  • Group Size: Small, medium, and big-sized virtual teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

10. The Name Story

We all have a name that defines the story of our life, but have you ever wondered what’s the origin of your coworkers’ names?

The Name Story is a light-hearted diversity and inclusion activity that consists of gathering your team members (virtually or in-person) inside the same space.

Ask all of them to tell the story of their names. Each team member will explain the meaning or the story behind their name, which will help them know more about each other.

The Name Story is a very simple game, but the powerful impact it can have on the heart of team members is completely worth the experience. 

  • Best For: Learning about team members’ native language.
  • Group Size: All group types and sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 30 minutes to 2 hours.

11. Diversity Trivia

Trivia Time will always keep team members entertained as they work together to find out the answer to many different general culture questions.

But since we aim to celebrate diversity and inclusion, let’s focus on questions about cultures, traditions, and notable personalities from different ethnicities. 

Divide team members into multiple groups and make them compete against each other respectfully while answering questions related to their culture.

Even if some team members don’t know the answer, they will learn something new about a different race, gender identity, or nationality along the way.

  • Best For: Encourage employees to show their diversity and cultural knowledge.
  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized remote and in-person teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 1.5 hours.

12. Diversity Calendar

Celebrating diverse holidays is a magnificent way to learn about the different limitations that many of us face every day.

Celebrity Calendars gather information about the different dates that recognize and acknowledge appreciation for diversity inside the workplace.

By celebrating diversity, team members get educated on the best practices and procedures to maintain a respectful and inclusive work environment for everyone.

  • Best For: Celebrating cultural awareness days.
  • Group Size: All group sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours, depending on the activity chosen.

13. First Impressions

We all have first impressions when we see other people. Stereotypes are harmful and do not represent the broader vision of different cultures and ethnicities.

Recognizing the harmful impact of incorrect first impressions, employees become more conscious of their behavior and can foster stronger connections with individuals they have limited familiarity with.

First Impressions is a quick team building activity that aims at teaching that being different and diverse is okay, which also helps us fight against socially imposed stereotypes.

  • Best For: Introduce employees into diverse teams.
  • Group Size: Small remote and in-person teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 30 minutes to 1 hour.

14. Diversity Talent Treasure Hunt

We all have talents, and not all of us use our talent inside the workplace. Talent Treasure Hunt is a game that celebrates our different talents, even if they have nothing to do with our profession or career.

Ask your team members for any talent they might have - it can be musical talent, speaking multiple languages, drawing amazingly, solving puzzles at a great pace, and more.

Then, gather them all in a single space, and show the list of talents to the group. Make them guess what talent belongs to who as they gather clues and ask questions to come up with an answer.

Lastly, make all team members show their hidden talents, which can be related to their nationality, culture, or traditions, or can be a standard talent that is also a valid one.

  • Best For: Discovering diverse talents inside the workplace.
  • Group Size: Small and medium-sized groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

15.  Virtual or In-Person Inclusion Party

Let’s end a long week of work by celebrating the company’s milestones with a virtual or in-person party.

Virtual holiday parties and virtual dance parties are always fun and allow team members to get more connected to each other without truly engaging in predetermined activities.

Implementing a party during a widely known diversity awareness day or providing a “cultural twist” to the party is a great idea to foster inclusivity.

For instance, team members can bring a dish from their culture, or they can decorate the office space to match their traditions. Likewise, remote team members can bring a song from their country while the rest of the team listens to the multicultural musical tracks of the office.

  • Best For: Creating meaningful connections among team members.
  • Group Size: All group sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.

Summary: Best Diversity and Inclusion Team Building Activities

Implementing DEI efforts into remote and in-person teams is a great way to grow, innovate, and create teams that are more united and bonded with each other.

Celebrating diversity is not only about showing respect to others - it’s about learning the best ways to create a better world and workspace for everyone. Check out this summary of the best inclusion and diversity team building activities mentioned above:

  1. Guess Who: An inclusive twist on an ice-breaking game where team members answer culture-related questions, fostering connections and understanding.
  2. Diversity Flower: Teams create flowers with petals representing the unique traits of each member, encouraging discussions about cultural and identity backgrounds.
  3. Instant Artist: Arts-based activity where team members express their cultural identity through creative works, enhancing communication and teamwork.
  4. Team Picture Album: Team members share meaningful photos from their family albums, providing insights into their cultural backgrounds and experiences.
  5. Paint with Pride: A celebration of LGBTQ+ diversity through art, promoting collaboration and communication among team members.
  6. Disability Awareness Training: Raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, fostering empathy and understanding.
  7. Anti-Racism & Building Inclusion: Interactive workshop that educates participants on combating racism and implementing inclusive practices.
  8. Diversity Movie Night: Watching films or TV episodes related to cultural matters, offering insights into different cultures and perspectives.
  9. Virtual Drag Bingo: A fun and inclusive bingo night hosted by a drag queen, promoting respect for diverse genders and cultures.
  10. The Name Story: Team members share the origins and meanings of their names, fostering connections and learning about each other.
  11. Diversity Trivia: Teams compete with culturally focused questions, encouraging the discovery of different identities and backgrounds.
  12. Diversity Calendar: Celebrating diverse holidays to educate employees on maintaining an inclusive work environment.
  13. First Impressions: Acknowledging the impact of stereotypes and promoting conscious behavior towards diverse individuals.
  14. Diversity Talent Treasure Hunt: Discovering hidden talents and celebrating uniqueness within the team, regardless of professional roles.
  15. Virtual or In-Person Inclusion Party: Hosting a party to foster meaningful connections among team members and celebrate diversity.

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