11 Offsite Team Building Activities to Unite Teams

Planning to explore the marvels of our world with your work team? Check out these 11 offsite team building activities to learn more.
11 Offsite Team Building Activities to Unite Teams
Sometimes, the best way to break routine and engage in new experiences is to leave our workplace and explore the world that surrounds us.

Today, we are going to check out 11 offsite team building activities that will boost employee engagement while also creating long-lasting memories for the entire team.

It's time to discover how these offsite activities can elevate teamwork, communication, and camaraderie in a refreshing and dynamic setting.

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Benefits of Choosing Offsite Team-Building Games

Planning a company retreat is not always easy, but it's certainly worth the hassle. 

Company offsite activities for team building can help team members foster their leadership skills, connect with their coworkers, and manage potential stress-related problems, as proven by the following statistics:

  • Off-site team events have proven to be an effective way of building team cohesion, enhancing team bonding, and improving productivity for employees in different industries, according to Harvard Business Review (HBR).
  • A study by TravelPerk revealed that 88% of companies are already checking multiple offsite ideas for team building events in 2022 and 2023, and this tendency is expected to continue in 2024 and beyond.
  • One of the biggest challenges faced by companies planning offsite events is the inability to choose effective offsite locations, difficulties in managing logistics, and other event-planning challenges (Brex).


How to Choose Offsite Team Building Events

Before engaging in fun activities outdoors, it's important to follow a series of steps to ensure the effectiveness of offsite company activities:

  1. Identify Team Goals and Objectives: Begin by understanding the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve through the offsite team-building activities. Are you aiming to improve communication, enhance collaboration, boost morale, or address specific challenges within the team? Defining the goal is the first step - then, you can move on to the next one.
  2. Assess Team Preferences and Dynamics: Consider the preferences, interests, and the entire team dynamic. Take into account factors such as team size, individual personalities, and any known preferences for certain types of offsite activities. 
  3. Choose Varied and Relevant Activities: Select a mix of activities that cater to different aspects of teamwork. Tailor the activities to be relevant to your team's industry or specific challenges they may face. Additionally, consider the physical and logistical aspects (Teamland is here to help you out!) to ensure the chosen activities are suitable for the offsite location.


11 Offsite Team Building Activities

Let's cut to the chase - our team members are eager for new offsite adventures, and we'll provide them with just that!

Before going to a team offsite activity, make sure to get an Offsite Swag Box from Teamland so they can show off a unified and stylish team spirit throughout the event.

1. City Hunt

Immerse your team in the thrill of exploration with Teamland's City Hunt, an offsite distant adventure designed to transform your city into a captivating playground of riddles and photo challenges.

From solving clues that reveal local mysteries to engaging in fun and creative team-building activities, your team will forge connections while discovering the unique history and hidden gems of your urban landscape.

There's always something new to explore and discover in your city, and now, thanks to Teamland, it's possible to have a memorable experience by participating in this unforgettable offsite team event.

  • Best For: Small, medium, and big-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 3 hours.


2. Karaoke Night

It's time to participate in Karaoke Night, an offsite activity that transforms an ordinary evening into a vibrant celebration of music and teamwork.

Karaoke night with teammates

Participants get a chance to showcase their vocal talents, bond over shared musical interests, and create lasting memories in a lively and entertaining atmosphere.

Karaoke Night is more than just singing; it's an opportunity for team members to express themselves, break down barriers, and share laughs in a relaxed setting.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours. 

3. Castaway

It's now time to talk about Teamland's Castaway, an offsite event that blends creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition. The build-a-boat program offers an exciting avenue for teams to navigate the waters of compatibility as they embark on the challenge of constructing seaworthy vessels using recyclable materials like cardboard, rope, and PVC.

Our expert will show team members the hands-on construction phase, where teams bring their imaginative designs to life, each boat reflecting the unique vision of its creators.

The culmination of the Castaway event sees teams launching their boats at the edge of the sea or a local pool, racing against each other to determine the fastest vessel.

By the end of Castaway, participants will feel a sense of accomplishment, fostering unity and meaningful bonds.

  • Best For: Medium and big-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 2 to 4 hours.


4. Go Hiking

Hiking is a classic outdoor exploration activity that never gets old. This activity provides a refreshing break from the usual office setting, offering teams the opportunity to breathe in fresh air, stretch their legs, and appreciate the beauty of the natural surroundings.

The experience is simple yet impactful - teams set out on a hiking adventure, whether through scenic trails, lush forests, or picturesque landscapes. Forget about goals, objectives, and deadlines, and enjoy nature together.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized in-office groups.
  • Activity Duration: From 2 to 3 hours.


5. Marble Run (Chain Reaction)

Unleash your team's creativity and problem-solving skills with Teamland's Marble Run (Chain Reaction), an offsite activity that challenges participants to construct elaborate Rube Goldberg-style machines. 

Using various objects like strings, dominoes, and marbles, teams collaborate to design and build unique apparatuses, linking each machine to create a mesmerizing chain reaction. 

As the initial string is pulled, a cascade of events unfolds, showcasing the ingenuity and teamwork of each team. Prizes are awarded, recognizing the most creative and effective designs. 

Marble Run (Chain Reaction) offers an engaging and rewarding experience, perfect for teams of all sizes and backgrounds.

  • Best For: Medium and big-sized in-office teams
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 3 hours.

6. Mindfulness Meditation

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and tranquility with Teamland's Mindfulness Meditation, an offsite activity designed to alleviate stress and anxiety while cultivating a sense of calm and presence.

Meditation activity with colleagues

This class offers a sanctuary for participants to explore the transformative power of regular mindfulness meditation, providing tools to navigate feelings of overwhelm and stress.

Accessible to all experience levels, the Mindfulness Meditation class employs a holistic approach, incorporating breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, visualizations, mantras, and soothing music.

Instead of going on an adventurous experience, let's opt for something more relaxed in a suitable outdoor environment; your team will certainly appreciate it.

  • Best For: All team types and sizes.
  • Activity Duration: 1 hour.

7. Paintball or Go Kart Racing

Paintball and Go Kart Racing are two classic offsite activities that teams of all sizes always enjoy.

For those drawn to strategy and teamwork, paintball challenges teams to strategize, communicate, and execute tactical maneuvers on the battlefield.

On the other hand, teams can opt for the high-speed thrills of go-kart racing, where they'll navigate tracks, compete for speed, and experience the exhilaration of friendly competition - the choice is yours!

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 1 to 2 hours.


8. Carnival Games

It's time to step right up to the fun-filled world of Carnival Games with Teamland.

From classic carnival games to team-based challenges with point systems, the Carnival Games event offers a diverse range of options suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Teamland takes care of the setup, ensuring a hassle-free offsite experience for your team.

  • Best For: All in-office group sizes.
  • Activity Duration: From 2 to 4 hours.


9. Journey into a Farm

If you cannot find a real farm to go to, worry not - Teamland's "Journey into a Farm" offsite activity has got you covered.

Guided by an enthusiastic farmer, you and your team are transported virtually to the heart of a charming farm, where you'll be immersed in authentic sights and sounds without the accompanying aroma.

As you explore the sprawling property, your host leads the way, introducing you to a variety of farm animals, from chickens to oinking pigs and majestic buffalo.

This virtual journey provides a refreshing and educational perspective on country life, making it an engaging and memorable offsite activity for remote teams.

  • Best For: Small and medium-sized remote teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 30 minutes to 2 hours.


10. Sandcastle Wars

Let's head to the beach, but instead of swimming in the ocean and enjoying the waves, we're going to build massive sandcastles in Sandcastle Wars!

Participants are divided into teams, armed with shovels, buckets, and molds, ready to unleash their creativity on the beach.

The challenge? To collaboratively build unique and impressive sandcastles that stand as a testament to teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creativity.

Sandcastle Wars promises an offsite beachside adventure that blends camaraderie, creativity, and a touch of friendly competition.

  • Best For: Medium and big-sized in-office teams.
  • Activity Duration: From 2 to 4 hours.


11. Custom Team Event

Are you looking for something more tailored to your team's needs? Look no further; Teamland's Custom Team Event is exactly what you need.

This flexible and personalized experience is designed for those seeking a unique and unforgettable team-building activity tailored to specific themes, purposes, or activities.

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, improving cooperation, or simply having some fun, Teamland's expert hosts, engaging hosts, and customizable event kits ensure a professional and exciting experience.

Other events include BBQs, exploring museums or art galleries, visiting another city, and so on. 

  • Best For: All team group sizes and types.
  • Activity Duration: All durations.


Summary: 11 Best Activities for Company Offsites

It's time to break the routine and go to an offsite location with your team. This is a quick summary of the best 11 offsite team building activities for teams in different industries:

  1. City Hunt: Teamland's City Hunt transforms urban spaces into captivating playgrounds, weaving riddles and challenges for teams to explore, fostering connections, and uncovering hidden gems.
  2. Karaoke Night: Turn evenings into vibrant celebrations of music and teamwork with Karaoke Night, where vocal talents shine, shared interests bond, and lasting memories are created.
  3. Castaway: Castaway, Teamland's build-a-boat challenge, blends creativity and competition, as teams construct seaworthy vessels, race, and celebrate unity.
  4. Go Hiking: Reconnect with nature on a refreshing hiking adventure, where teams breathe fresh air, stretch legs, and appreciate natural beauty together.
  5. Amazing Team Lunches: Elevate lunch breaks into delightful team-building experiences, encouraging bonding and building stronger connections.
  6. Mindfulness Meditation: Join a meditation session for stress relief and tranquility, cultivating calm and presence through holistic practices suitable for all experience levels.
  7. Paintball or Go Kart Racing: Choose between strategic paintball challenges or high-speed go-kart racing, classic offsite activities fostering teamwork and friendly competition.
  8. Carnival Games: Step into the fun-filled world of Carnival Games with Teamland, offering diverse options suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring a hassle-free offsite experience.
  9. Journey into a Farm: Virtually explore a charming farm with Teamland, led by an enthusiastic farmer, experiencing authentic sights and sounds without the aroma, creating an engaging offsite activity for remote teams.
  10. Sandcastle Wars: Unleash creativity on the beach as teams collaboratively build unique sandcastles, fostering teamwork, communication, and friendly competition in an offsite beachside adventure.
  11. Custom Team Event: Tailor team-building with Teamland's Custom Event, designed for unique themes, purposes, or activities, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable offsite experience for all team types and sizes.

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