May 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas

It’s May! Here are some team-building activities & ideas for the team during this month.
May 2024 Team Building Activities & Ideas
The month when flowers bloom and summer begins is here! Take this opportunity to celebrate the following events with our team building activities and ideas:

May 1 - International Workers Day

Today is meant to celebrate every worker around the world - no matter which industry you’re in. Make your team members feel appreciated with our gift box you can send them and make them feel special. You can also throw a party for everyone on the team with our virtual holiday party to celebrate!

May 3 - Paranormal Day

Do you believe in ghosts? On this day, get together with paranormal enthusiasts and share your experiences and stories with everyone. If you’re looking for the same experience as visiting haunted buildings while testing your teamwork and problem-solving skills, try our escape room. Get clues from different haunted areas, solve problems, and escape! Of course, the theme can be customized to your liking and you can join even if you’re not into the paranormal.

May 7 - National Fitness Day

Step out and try something new on becoming fit and healthy on this day. A simple workout is fine - but if you want to change up your routine, it’s better to bring a friend or the whole team for more fun! Try out our different fitness activities to get that body going:

May 13 - Apple Pie Day

Apple pies are loved around the world and there are multiple ways of making them. There are different varieties of pies, but this day is dedicated to apple pies and apple pies alone. Share apple pie recipes with the team or learn something new with our baking class. Treat yourselves at the end of class to some apple pie tasting!

May 16 - National Mimosa Day

Mimosas are mostly served at brunches, but they can be served at any time of the day and can easily spice up any occasion! Although it’s easy to make, our cocktail class that you can experience with your team can help in learning the tips and tricks of a perfect mimosa - pair it with practicing and sharing toasts with everyone and you’ll be mimosa-ready for your next occasion.

May 24 - Scavenger Hunt Day

Scavenger hunts are a fun activity to do with a team. Challenge yourselves to solve mysteries and compete for the win. We at Teamland have a different version of scavenger hunts - you don’t just solve riddles but you also get to explore different cities in the world, virtually! Just name the city, and we’ll build it for your team!

May 25 - Wine Day

Wine lover or not, today’s the perfect excuse to grab that bottle and pour yourself some wine. If you and your team are up to something fun and different on this day, you can try our wine-tasting experience. Choose from our select wines available to be delivered to your door and learn how to serve, store, pair, and most importantly, how test wine with our Sommelier. 

May 28 - Hamburger Day

Fire up your grills as this is the perfect day of the month to make a hamburger. There are multiple ways to make them - from patties to sauces, up to the toppings. We have our cooking class if you or your team want to learn something new - get to learn the secrets of that juicy and tender, perfect hamburger. You can also learn how they’re made around the world!

May 30 - Creativity Day

Unleash your imagination on this day and get creative! Set aside this day and try our creative activities that you and your team can have to channel your creative energies:

May 31 - Smile Day

Smiling has a direct link to our brains that helps in reducing stress. On this day, say something nice to your colleague or everyone on the team to make their day and make them smile. We have all sorts of fun activities with the team to engage and improve their motivation!

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